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Row Of Dudes All Yank On Girls Ponytail As Joke, One Guy Pulls Out A Chunk Of Fake Hair And Gets SMACKED Unconscious
Teen finds out the hard way why you should never pull a girl's hair in this hilarious viral video!

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People Think This National Spelling Bee Winner Is Brutal As Hell
A National Spelling Bee contestant is memed on social media because of his funny reactions while competing.

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Grizzlies mascot climbs ladder, then jumps and slams mascot in Spurs jersey through table
The Memphis Grizzles mascot does a dangerous jump off of a ladder and flattens a Spurs mascot through a table.

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Here's an Incredible Video of Marshawn Lynch Ghost Riding a Camel in Egypt
Marshawn Lynch is filmed dancing on a camel while in Egypt.

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A backwards Three-Quarter Buzzer-Beater is the king of all Buzzer-Beaters
A guy hits a crazy buzzer-beating shot, backwards, from the other side of the court.

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Andy Reid had his challenge flag stolen right out of his pocket
Andy Reid has challenge flag yanked out of his pocket by an assistant

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Beyonce Helped Channing Tatum With His Masterful ‘Beyonce’ Performance On ‘Lip Sync Battle’
Channing Tatum enlists the help of Beyonce on 'Lip Sync Battle' to perform her hit "Run The World/ Girls".

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This DJ Khaled Snapchat Compilation Has All The Answers To Success (Video)
A brief look at the hysterical world of DJ Khaled's Snapchat account.

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EPIC: Man Dumps Cheating Girlfriend With PERFECT Fake Marriage Proposal!
a man dumps his cheating girlfriend with a fake marriage proposal.

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People Totally Lose It During Open House At Paranormal Activity Home (Video)
people freak out when an open use visit gets a bit 'paranormal' in this prank video promo for the new 'paranormal activity.'

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Sometimes you have to drag yourself into work

When you're on your way to work in the morning
Sometimes you have to drag yourself into work

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Alex Rodriguez Broke A TV Screen After Throwing A Football On Fox NFL Sunday
Ex Yankees player Alex Rodriguez accidentally breaks a TV when he overthrows a football on the set of Fox NFL Sunday.

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Katy Perry kissed and groped by fan she picked to come onstage who was high on molly!
katy perry invites a fan on stage for an awkward exchange caused by the fan's alleged drug use.

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Watch People's Hilarious Reactions To A Guy Using A Selfie Stick To Take Upskirt Pics
two pranksters pretend to take upskirt pictures of a nearby girl in las vegas.

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es be on instagram like they're all natural, and i just be like...

Let me fix this for you
es be on instagram like they're all natural, and i just be like...

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