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Heroic owner fights kangaroo who put his dog into a headlock
Man Sucker Punches Kangaroo In The Face After Catching It Strangling A Dog

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Man Banned From Airline After Video Of His Trump Rant On Plane Goes Viral
a man's obnoxious political rant on a plane gets him banned for life!

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YouTube 'star' stops NYC traffic for photoshoot, gets his windshield smashed
Coby Persin is doing a photoshoot in the middle of New York City traffic when his windshield is smashed!

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Teens Twitter Gets Banned After 'Whiteface' Skit About Trumps Win Goes Viral
A 19-year-old had her Twitter account suspended after uploading a racist video in response to Donald Trump winning the election

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See De Niro, Tom Hanks, And Michael Jordan In The Most Star-Studded Mannequin Challenge At The White House
A team of the biggest celebrities came together for the greatest Mannequin Challenge at the White House!

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Dude Narrowly Avoids Getting Caught Boning Another Mans Girl In Superb Mannequin Challenge
As the mannequin challenge continues to make waves, these guys take it to a whole new level!

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Husband uses drone to catch his wife cheating on him then shames her online
after suspecting his wife of infidelity, a man deploys a drone to catch her in the act!

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The #UNameItChallenge Is the Thanksgiving Meme We All Need Right Now
Iconic gospel singer Shirley Caesar has become the centerpiece of a new meme and subsequent internet challenge

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Mom Kicks Son Out Of The House For Voting For Donald Trump At School
this 8-year-old son is sobbing because his mother found out he voted for tp and she's kicking him out.

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Watch Shia LaBeouf Absolutely Smash His 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle
shia stopped by sway in the morning and did a live on air impressive freestyle

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Middle Schoolers Chant Build The Wall In Disturbing Video After Trump Wins
An alarming video was shared showing a group of middle school students chanting "build the wall" in their cafeteria.

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This Chicks Uber Driver Was The Guy With The 'You've Got Mail' Voice From AOL!!!
The AOL You've Got Mail' Voice Actor Is An Uber Driver In Cleveland

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The 'Andys Coming' Challenge Is The Internet's Newest, Most Painful Trend
The new 'Toy Story' themed challenge is taking over the internet

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This News Anchors Emotional Response Sums Up How Many Are Feeling About The Election
CNN's Van Jones Describes Painful "Nightmare" of Donald Trump Victory

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Penguin Flips Out After Finding His 'Wife' With A Homewrecker Penguin
Homewrecker penguin fight over cheating wife goes viral and shocks the internet

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