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Terrifying moment lion tries to kill baby on live TV but mother just LAUGHS
the disturbing incident will send a chill down any parent's spine as the predator lunges at the youngster on a talk sw.

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Watch a Drunk Man in a Zoo Enclosure Trying to Shake a Lion's Hand
watch a drunk man jump into a lion's cage in india.

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Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks Family's Pet Doberman In A Fight For The Ages
a mountain lion and doberman fight outside of a family's me in california.

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This Man Gets Chased by a Lion After Losing a Bet LMAO! (VIDEO)
Man runs in extreme panic when he is chased by a caged lion after losing a bet.

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Watch terrifying moment lion opens car door with its TEETH as safari passengers scream
Tourists on a safari learn that lions can open car doors in a very direct way.

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A cute lion cub scares the crap out of a baby bear!

Scare Cam Animal Edition
A cute lion cub scares the crap out of a baby bear!

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The Insane Moment A Mongoose Bravely Takes On A Pack Of Lions And Wins
A very brave,quick and outnumbered mongoose has set a precedent for any small creature looking to evade a group of incoming lions.

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This Guy Just Wants To Film A PSA About Lions But An Adorable Lion Keeps Interrupting Him
Lion conservationist attempts to give his spill, and the featured lion "Tau" interjects throughout with his own statements.

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