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David Blaine shocked Steph Curry, Dave Chappelle and Drake by spitting out live frogs
David Blaine Freaks Out Drake, Dave Chappell, And Steph Curry With Gross Magic Trick

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Magician Performs Crazy Lemon Through Bottle Magic Trick at Fast Food Drive-Thrus
Famous Youtube magician Rahat, blows the mind of fast food employees with a closed water bottle and lemon trick.

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Things go horribly wrong as magician stabs presenter’s hand during trick on live TV
polish tv st's hand appears to get impaled on a nail when a dangerous game of russian roulette doesn't go as planned.

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Watch As Prankster Pretends To Be Beheaded In This Freaky Halloween Prank
this over-the-top prank features a magician pretending to be beheaded in front of strangers ping by.

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The most magical dance ever: Bride makes her husband levitate on their wedding day
A bride makes her newly wed husband appear to float during a magical wedding dance on their big day.

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Two Magicians Pulled Off Perhaps The Greatest Videobomb Of Our Time
A pair of magicians pull off a magic trick behind a news reporter recording a live shot.

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People Freak The F*ck Out When A Man Splits In Half In The Elevator (Video)
a magician pranks elevator pengers by making it look like he cut himself into two pieces.

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Magician Convinces People His Hoverboard Is Real
A street magician convinces passersby that he can levitate with a hoverboard.

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WATCH: Magician Gets Out of Speeding Ticket With Magic
A magician performs a magic trick with a Rubik's Cube for police officers, to get out of a speeding ticket.

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street performs in compton.

Compton Reacts to Street Magic
street performs in compton.

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Magician finds cards by using a person pulse.

Free Magic Tricks : Free Street Magic : Find Any Card By Their Pulse
Magician finds cards by using a person pulse.

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David Blaine performs street magic part 4.

David Blaine - Street Magic : part 4
David Blaine performs street magic part 4.

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Watch This Street Magician Pull Off Some Really Clever Tricks
Check out this cool street magic using a cigarette on strangers passing by.

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