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Why Sexy Lingerie Is The Worst Present For A Guy
this video sws why buying sexy lingerie may not be the best present to get for a guy.

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10 Songs That Prove Hip-Hop Is The Best Way To Mend A Broken Heart
10 songs proving hip-p is the best music to listen to to get over a breakup

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Texts From Your Ex is the brutal new Instagram account you need to follow
funny gallery of text messages from bitter exes, and future exes.

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Hidden camera: Woman's cleavage stared at 38 times to 'Raise Awareness'
woman wears a hidden camera in her bra, to help count the number of times people look at her breasts.

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This Woman Has The Best Response To A Man Harassing Her On The Street (Video)
Funny response from women to a guy that followed her two blocks to get her number

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Online dating might be making us bad at longterm relationships
Studies show that couples that meet online have a smaller chance of lasting in a long term relationship

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Meet The Couple Planning A Corporately-Sponsored Wedding
This couple is planning the first ever corporately-sponsored wedding; full of corporate logos on their clothes.

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10 Things I Thought I'd Have by 25
now that im 25 theres a million things i tught id have by this age, but here are some of the major ones.

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These Glorious Wedding GIFs Will Make You Want To Raise Your Wedding Photo Game
Jeffrey Lewis Bennett has been capturing weddings for more than 10 years, but he started experimenting with animated wedding GIFs

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What Women Really Want: 7 Things Every Guy Can Do To Be Perfect For Her
a woman really doesnt want much from a man. there are really only seven qualities that shes looking for in a life partner

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This Is What Sleep Deprivation Does To You
The startling effects of sleep deprivation

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Couple Uses Coke Cans to Share News of Their Pregnancy
Couple announce pregnancy using Coke Share cans

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8 Important Reasons To Let Go Of People Who No Longer Play An Important Part In Your Life
Sometimes, we hold on to people purely based on how long we have known them. Lets make it clear why you need to let go.

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11 Helpful Charts That Explain Sex
finally, a simple and entirely accurate guide to w sex works.

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25 Things Women Wish Men Knew: The Secret Of What Women Want - REVEALED!
here are 25 things women wish men knew... guys - we pe you're taking notes!

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