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MMA Fighter Busts Out Disrespectful Pokemon Go Inspired Celebration After Knocking Out Opponent
mma fighter michael page celebrates knockout with pokemon go move at london's bellator 158.

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This Brutal Soccer Kick To The Head Ended An MMA Fight Within Six Seconds
an mma fighter is knocked out cold by a brutal "soccer-style" kick to the head.

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'Cyborg' Justino trolls Ronda Rousey by doing the Running Man Challenge in a Ronda Rousey mask
MMA fighter Cris Justine pulls the ultimate troll move by doing the 'Running Man Challenge' in a Ronda Rousey mask.

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Miesha Tate Gets Revenge On The Cop Who Checked Out Her Butt At UFC 196 Weigh-Ins
ufc fighter miesha tate gets a little revenge on a police officer w was caught checking out her butt.

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Miesha Tate Chokes Out Holly Holm And Puts Her To Sleep With A Rear Naked Choke To Win Title At UFC 196
lly lm is beaten by miesha tate in ufc 196 with a rear naked ckeld.

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Watch A Bloody Nate Diaz Choke Out And Beat Conor McGregor At UFC 196
nate diaz forces conor mcgregor to submit with a deathly rear-naked cke ld.

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The Internet roasts Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 after slow, painful fight
mma fans bash a hilarious bout between kimbo slice and dada 5000, on social media.

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MMA fighters go flying through cage door during bout
Two amateur MMA fighters fly through a faulty cage door during a bout.

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MMA Fighter Viciously Kicks Opponent’s Head Like A Soccer Ball During Fight
mma fighter knocks out his opponent with a brutal soccer kick to the head.

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Conor McGregor Knocks Out Jose Aldo With One Punch To Become UFC Champion At UFC 194
UFC star Conor McGregor becomes the featherweight champion after knocking out his opponent with his first punch.

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The Queen Is Dead, Holly Holm Viciously Knocks Out Ronda Rousey With A Kick To The Head
Undefeated UFC champion Ronda Rousey is knocked out by Holly Holm.

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MMA Fighter Poops During Match, Chili Beans Are Blamed (Video)
fighter poops all over cage mat during fight.

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Watch This UFC Fighter Pull Off An Insane Front Flip After His Debut Win
A MMA fighter pulls off a physics-defying front flip after a victory.

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MMA fighter's celebratory backflip goes horribly wrong
Darrion Caldwell does a backflip after a recent MMA victory and accidentally lands on a camerawoman.

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NSFW: MMA Fighter Suffers A Horrific Leg Injury While Trying To Kick Opponent (Video)
a fighter breaks his leg in this very graphic footage while attempting to land a kick.

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