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This Epic Silver Surfer Costume Just Won Halloween And Its Not Even Close
New Yorker takes to the streets in an incredible Silver Surfer costume, just in time for Halloween!

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Good samaritans form human chain to rescue man from burning car
At least half a dozen people help the man escape, dragging him to safety as the flames from the car grow higher

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WATCH: Illegal 5 Story Laguna Beach Hotel Roof Jump
Masked stuntman 8booth makes an amazing jump off a 5-story hotel into a small pool.

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Shocking bodycam footage shows cop pull passenger from car inferno (VIDEO)
The amazing moment when a police officer saves a man from a burning car.

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7-Year-Old Fights Back During GameStop Armed Robbery
A small child fights back during an armed robbery of the GameStop store he is patronizing.

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WATCH: Dash cam catches dramatic rescue of Alaska man trapped in burning SUV
police dash cam sws the amazing moment when a man is rescued from a burning vehicle.

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Snowmobiler miraculously survives a terrifying avalanche
This crazy footage shows a man being wiped out by a huge avalanche and miraculously surviving with the help of strangers nearby.

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Police Officer Risks His Own Life Saving A Child As They Are Hit By A Car
Police officer escapes after getting hit by car as he saves the life of a child.

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Theres A Video Of Serena Williams Chasing Down That Cellphone Thief
Tennis star Serena Williams catches a man who attempts to steal her phone from the inside of a crowded restaurant.

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12 Coworkers Won The $60M Lottery And Completely Lost Their Minds (Video)
the amazing moment a group of co-workers from ontario, canada discovers that they won a $60m lottery jackpot.

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Tom Cruise Actually Hangs Outside An Airplane In ‘Mission: Impossible’ (Video)
Actor Tom Cruise performs a death defying stunt for his new Mission Impossible film.

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Father And Daughter Have The Most Epic Beatbox Battle Of All Time (Video)
A daughter reigns victorious in this viral beat-boxing video against her father.

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Terrifying moment NASCAR driver flips over racetrack before smashing into fence at 200mph
NASCAR driver Austin Dillon is hit by another driver and slams violently into a fence while going over 200 mph.

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This Guy Pulled Off The Smoothest Love and Basketball Proposal Of All Time
A one-on-one basketball game turns into a clever marriage proposal in this recently viral video.

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FSU recruit runs through entire team to score incredible touchdown
A high school running back makes an almost impossible run for a touchdown.

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