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Heroes rescue woman trapped in submerged car in dramatic video
The dramatic moment when a couple of men help to rescue a woman and her dog from a car submerged in water.

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Viral Video Of Baby Wiggling Out Of Moms Womb By Himself Will Blow Your Mind
footage of a cesarean birth goes viral swing a baby wiggling out of his mother's womb.

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Tesla Model-S Driver Filmed Asleep At The Wheel In The Middle Of Heavy Traffic Lets The Autopilot Take Over
A Tesla driver is caught in heavy traffic sleeping while his car is on autopilot.

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Amazing Train Driver Sprints Through Cars to Warn of Inevitable Crash
A train driver runs to alert his passengers three seconds before an impending crash.

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Wray, Colorado Tornado: The Videos You Need to See
Intriguing storm-chaser footage of the recent tornado wave in Colorado.

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Watch This Tesla's Autopilot Save A Driver's Life
Tesla Model S autopilot saved the car autonomously from a side collision from a boom lift truck.

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Kobe Bryant Puts Exclamation Point on Career with Surreal, Epic Finale
Kobe Bryant leads the Lakers to victory with 60 points in his last game ever.

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Hero bystander stops thief with an NFL-Worthy hit
A man helps stop a thief attempting to flee with a powerful takedown.

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Cop Steps In And Gives Hair-Raising National Anthem Rendition At WVU Hoops Game After Singer Doesn't Show
Police officer Carlton Smith sings the national anthem at a college basketball game after the scheduled singer can't show.

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Dez Bryant Used To Have One-on-One Sprint-Offs Against Horses Because Of Course He Did (VIDEO)
Footage of Dez Bryant in his college days, racing a horse and coming remotely close to beating it.

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UMass Lowell freshman completely shatters backboard on dunk attempt
A freshman at UMass Lowell shatters a backboard after dunking during a recent game.

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Milwaukee Bucks Hype Team With The Most Absurd Trampoline Dunk You Will EVER Witness
A Milwaukee Bucks hype man nails a 1080 trampoline dunk.

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Cam Newton Goes Airborne, Flips over Texans Defender and Scores TD
Panthers QB Cam Newton scores a sensational touchdown during a Sunday evening NFL bout against the Houston Texans.

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Watch: Driver in Wrong Lane Causes Terrifying Head-On Collision
scking footage of a car crash caused by a car driving down the wrong side of a highway.

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Weatherman Somehow Flawlessly Pronounces This Incredibly Unusual Name
A weatherman nails pronouncing an obscure village in Europe named Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgoge rychwyrndrobwllllantysil iogogogoch.

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