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Makeup Artist Transforms Little Boy Into Drake For Epic Music Video
A makeup artist transforms a 5-year-old into Drake; freaks everyone out.

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Singer has tooth removed with pliers to perform at wedding - after downing Jagerbomb 'Painkiller'
this is the moment a singer has a tooth removed with a pair of pliers - so he can perform at a wedding.

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Jonah Hill raps 'Jumpman' with Future during SNL monologue
Entertainer Jonah Hill performs Future & Drake's 'Jumpman' on SNL.

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Two Female Rockets Fans Tried To Distract Free-Throw Shooters By Wearing Skimpy Clothes And Dancing Behind Basket
two lady rocket fans distract a free-throw st by acting goofy and wearing skimpy outfits.

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Von Miller dancing with one of the Broncos coaches is something you have to see
Von Miller of the Denver Broncos dances with one of his coaches in this epic clip.

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 Bob Newhart's classic bit about the "USS Codfish".

Bob Newhart - USS.Codfish
Bob Newhart's classic bit about the "USS Codfish".

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Bob Newhart performs his "Driving Instructor" sketch in 2012.

Bob Newhart "The Driving Instructor" Comedy
Bob Newhart performs his "Driving Instructor" sketch in 2012.

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This Dropping Sex Toys On The Sidewalk Prank Is So Simple Yet So Damn Hilarious
strangers react to a prankster spilling out a suitcase full of sex toys.

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Guy Scares The Sh*t Out Of Unsuspecting People With A Giant Fake Spider (Video)
A prankster scares random strangers with a fake giant spider.

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Buffalo Bills fan RKOs his friend through a table at tailgate party
A Bills fan is subjected to the 'RKO Outta Nowhere' move while tailgating.

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Guy filming an Air-Pump rocket says 'Oh damn' before getting smashed in the face
a man filming a small air-pump rocket has a hilarious reaction to it when he is pummeled in the face.

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This Precious Toddler Is Completely Horrified By Her Own Shadow (Video)
A little girl freaks out when she notices her shadow following her for the first time.

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Los Angeles TV Reporter Scared By Man During Live Broadcast (Video)
A news reporter flips out when a man sneaks behind her during a live shot.

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Two Magicians Pulled Off Perhaps The Greatest Videobomb Of Our Time
A pair of magicians pull off a magic trick behind a news reporter recording a live shot.

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John Cena and Michael Strahan had a rap battle on live TV
Michael Strahan has a rap battle with entertainer John Cena on 'The Kelly & Michael' morning show.

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