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Motorcyclist Chases Down Speeding D-Bag Driver, Road Rage Fight Erupts After 8 Minutes Of 'Yo Mama' Jokes
a motorcyclist and a driver fight after a spat of road rage including "yo mama" jokes, and simulated sex on the bikers motorcycle.

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People Are Losing It Over This Jeopardy! Contestant Trolling Alex Trebek
A Jeopardy contestant trolls Alex Trebek with some hilarious answers.

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Woman laughing in Chewbacca mask sets Internet on fire
A goofy Facebook video of a woman laughing in a Chewbacca mask goes viral.

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Jimmy Kimmel convinces people to confess their biggest lie to their mom, for Mother's Day
Passersby answer hilariously when asked what lies they have told their moms, in front of their Moms.

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This Fake Outlet At The Airport Prank Is The Ultimate In Mean, Is Also Perfect
A prankster places fake outlets in Airports in this hilarious video.

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'I'm fine to drive... let's go get some tacos!' Hilarious video shows 'Drunk' dad using bizarre face-swapping app with his baby daughter
a dad face-swaps with his small child, and does a hilarious 'drunk baby' bit that goes viral.

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This Is What Happens When White People Go To A Black BBQ [WATCH]
this hilarious social experiment sws what happens when a white family visits a black bbq for the first time.

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Watch: Ariana Grande Impersonates Britney Spears, Whitney Houston on ‘SNL’
Ariana Grande perfectly executes the impersonations of famous music icons on SNL.

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Little Kid Dating Three Girls At The Same Time Finds Out How Hard It Is Juggling Side Pieces
This five year old has three girlfriends and has to give one up but doesn't know how to choose because "they're all so pretty".

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This Video Of A Dinosaur Shoveling Snow Will Make Your Winter Dreams Come True
A man dresses up as a dinosaur to shovel snow in Fort Campbell, KY.

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Cop In D.C. Joins In On Pick-Up Football Game During Blizzard And Drops Vicious Stiff-Arm
A Washington D.C. cop joins a snow filled neighborhood football game - unleashes a devastating stiff-arm.

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WATCH: Snoop Dogg narrating nature documentaries is hilarious
snoop dogg narrating nature videos is the craziest thing you'll see today!

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Guy Has A Hard Time Trying To Put His Trash Away Because Icy Conditions Got In The Way
This guy did everything he could to throw out his trash when a bit of ice got in the way.

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Savage Dude Destroys An Entire Bowling Alley With A Single Bowling Ball
A man throws a bowling ball through a ceiling in this hilarious viral video.

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This 'Can I Hold Your C**k' Prank Is Utterly Entertaining In Its Simplicity
pranksters trick innocent persby in this 'punny' chicken prank.

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