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Shocking moment road rage driver deliberately ploughs into a gang of bikers and ends up ON TOP of their motorcycles
car runs over biker in a disturbing road rage incident on memorial day in florida.

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Texas Driver Hits Motorcyclist, Says: 'I Don't Care' (Video)
A man hits a motorcyclist at a very high speed and confronts the biker's friend by saying 'I don't care.'

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Cop Asks Biker to do a Wheelie, Then Tries to Pull Him Over Biker Runs!
a cop allegedly asks a biker to pop a wheelie and tries to pull him over. the motorcycle rider then takes off and escapes.

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Think Fast: Biker Saves Girlfriend During Incredible Motorcycle Wipeout!
A bit of quick thinking by a biker helps to save the life of his girlfriend during a vicious crash.

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London Truck Driver Accidentally Runs Over A Biker On A Ducati(Video)
the scking moment when a truck driver in london demolishes a man on his bike after making a turn.

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Motorcyclist Captures Insane GoPro Footage Of Brutal Head-On Collision With A Fire Truck
a motorcyclist captures the crazy moment in which his bike collided with a fire truck while cruising on the mountainside.

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Who's Responsible For This Motorcyclist's Crash? (Video)
A viral motorcyle crash video raises the question of who is at fault for a controversial crash at a blocked intersection.

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Insane Police Chase Involves Criminal Racing His Motorcycle Through A Walmart
A wild motorcyclist goes through a shopping center to escape police while being chased.

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[Heart-Pounding] watch this biker lose control of his bike on a busy freeway (Video)
A motorcyclist's horrific wreck on a freeway is captured in full by nearby rider.

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Motorcyclist Gets Clipped By Car Running Red Light, Sticks The Landing Like An Olympic Gymnast
a motorcycle ride is hit by a car and flips perfectly onto his feet.

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Insane Guy With Incredible Hops Jumps Over 2 Motorcycles Going 70 MPH (Video)
A guy with tremendous jumping ability jumps over two speeding motorcycles in an epic stunt.

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Yoga Master Practices His Poses While Speeding On A Motorbike (Video)
A man is captured doing incredible yoga poses on a speeding motorcyle.

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This High-Speed Chase Video Is Exactly Why Most People Think Motorcycle Gangs Are A**holes
a police chase features a gang of motorcycles running from patrol cars and police helicopters.

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0 To 100 Real Quick: Biker Is Just Too Fast For The Police To Pull Him Over!
Motorcyclist escapes police in a very fast and wild chase

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