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Blake Griffin Throws Shoe And Hits Cory Joseph In The Face
Blake Griffin aimlessly throws a shoe during the Raptors vs. Clippers preseason game and nails Cory Joseph in the face!

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Everyones Obsessed With NFL Commentators Narration Of Drunk Guy Streaking
A streaker invaded the field at Levis Stadium with the greatest and most hilarious play-by-play call possible.

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Jealous Girlfriend Plows Over Stripper Then Drags Boyfriend Away From Sexy Lap Dance
a girlfriend throws down a stripper and pulls her boyfriend off of a strip club stage before he gets a lap dance.

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Fox Sports Host Makes Terrible Mistake And Shows Her Underwear On Live TV
argentinian fox news tv presenter accidentally flashes her underwear on live television.

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The Running Man Challenge took over the Spelling Bee and it was phenomenal
Contestants of the widely televised "Spelling Bee" participate in the 'Running Man Challenge.'

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Somebody Turned Cursing Tourettes Guy Into A Song Mashup And You Wont Make It Through This Video Without Laughing
internet users recreate a clic viral video featuring 'tourette's guy' in many hilarious ways.

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This Fake Outlet At The Airport Prank Is The Ultimate In Mean, Is Also Perfect
A prankster places fake outlets in Airports in this hilarious video.

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J.Lo And James Corden Prank-Texted Leonardo DiCaprio And It’s Hilarious
James Corden uses Jennifer Lopez's phone to text Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest 'Carpool Karaoke'.

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The Banana Peel Challenge Is the Latest Internet Trend and Someone Is Definitely Going to End Up in the Hospital
Teenagers are slipping all over the internet because of the 'Banana Peel Challenge'

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JR26668: Let coment if it good
This Has To Be Most Brutal Killer Bunny Scare Prank
pranksters scare strangers with a ridiculously creepy costumed bunny prank just.

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Feast Your Eyes On The Sorriest Excuse For A Gatorade Bath In The History Of Sport
football team members give one of the worst 'gatorade baths' in the history of football anywhere.

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Cincinnati saxophone player tries to fight football field, football field wins
A University of Cincinnati band member falls dramatically while running on the football field.

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VIDEO: Woman tries to back flip into a bunker, faceplants instead
Golfer woman fails miserably when attempting to back-flip into bunker.

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PRANKS: You Have To Have Big Huevos To Egg Cars In The Hood
career prankster vitaly tricks strangers into thinking that he has just egged their cars.

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Robot Drops F-Bomb On Live TV Morning Show (Video)
a robot is accused of spouting the "f" word while live on a morning sw.

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