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14-Year-Old Escapes ISIS By Volunteering To Be Suicide Bomber
a disturbing video sws a boy w turned himself in, while on a mission to blow up a shiite mosque via a suicide vest.

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Police Officer Tries, Fails To Detain Law Student (Video)
An off duty police officer tries to pull over a woman who knows her rights, and it doesn't work out to well for him.

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Video: Nasty brawl ends Miami Beach Bowl, players leave bloody
a brutal team fight erupts at the end of miami beach bowl between byu and memphis.

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Monkey Saves Electrocuted Friend From Getting Hit By Oncoming Train (Video)
A hero monkey saves another monkey after being electrocuted on the train tracks, before an incoming train comes.

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Cops Back Car Into Woman, Arrest Her During Anti-Police Brutality Rally (Video)
a protester at a ohio rally against police brutality, is struck by a police car, and then arrested.

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Violent in-Cabin turbulence hospitalizes 5 (VIDEO)
An American Airlines flight is forced to land after the plane experiences very rough turbulence above typhoon like weather.

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Angry Protesters Brawl with NYPD on the Brooklyn Bridge Two Police Lieutenants Hospitalized in the Knock Down Drag-out Brawl
protesters and police on the brooklyn bridge were captured on video brawling with one another.

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11-year-old girl steals $10K, takes cross-Country cab ride
A pre-teen girl takes a cross-country taxi ride, in the hopes of meeting up with an old flame.

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Worst Marriage Proposal Ever Causes 3 Buildings To Be Evacuated After Crane Collapses
A crane falls into a Dutch house after a proposal goes wrong.

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Black Womans Ferguson Rant Wins Hearts of Conservatives
conservatives riled over the ferguson protests have rallied behind a youtube video posted by an african-american woman.

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Neighborhood in Hawaii Synchronizes Mind-Blowing Christmas Lights Show
Video of an incredible synchronized light display, featured in the Waikele neighborhood in Hawaii.

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Cop Slams Teen On Sidewalk For Shifting His Weight, Not Sitting (Video)
a man captures a police officer in arizona, slamming a teen in a brutal manner while detaining him.

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A Rapper Killed His Wife After She Had Alleged Affair With Trey Songz
A rapper and associate of Floyd Mayweather committed suicide in a horrific way, after killing his wife for cheating.

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Alabama Cop's Gesture To Shoplifter Goes Viral
A police officer in Alabama was recorded letting a poor woman off the hook after she was caught stealing eggs.

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Man dies after being shot by police in Hollywood near Walk of Fame
police st a man at the busy intersection of llywood boulevard and highland avenue.

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