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Watch Surveillance Video Of The Two Chicks Who May Have Stolen $750,000 Of Jewelry From Knicks Derrick Williams
Surveillance footage shows two women who allegedly robbed $750,000 worth of jewelry from Knicks forw

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Man high on flakka gets tased and maced by police.
police arrest a man w is belligerent from

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Cop is seen CHOKING protester as tensions rise in Baltimore after first officer to face charges in Freddie Gray's death walks FREE from cour
a protester is cked by a cop in a tense scene, allegedly for no apparent reason.

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This Blacksmith Addresses The Jet Fuel Cant Melt Steel Beams 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Head-On
A blacksmith attempts to disprove the 9/11 jet fuel conspiracy.

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Video catches men shouting N-word while attacking a white woman on a date with a black man
an interracial race couple is attacked in washington state, late night, by a group of white men hurling racial slurs.

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Cab driver pounds on UberX car, dragged 20 meters in Toronto protest
Dangerous confrontation between taxi driver and apparent UberX driver.

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Fox Analyst Suspended For Calling Obama A Total P*ssy Live On Air
ralph peters, a fox news analyst, is suspended from the network after making extreme derogatory remarks about the president.

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Deer flips in air, survives collision with police cruiser
a police cruiser collides with a deer, flipping the large animal into the air in a small ky town..

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WATCH: Texas woman shoots at fleeing thief in Walmart parking lot then gets in truck and drives off
a man is st and wrestled to the ground after allegedly ing an elderly woman's purse.

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A Teenage Girl Was Caught On Camera Punching An 87-Year-Old Woman In The Face On A Bus
teenage girl caught on the cctv of a bus, punches an 87-year-old woman in the face.

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Watch This 7-Year-Old Girl Whip, Nae Nae And School Everyone In Hip-Hop
A precious child with a bone marrow disorder incorporates new hip hop dances and Zumba.

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Georgia Tech Shocks FSU With Blocked FG Touchdown On Game's Final Play
Georgia Tech narrowly beats FSU with a field goal block for a touchdown.

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Junior college football game devolves into insane brawl
two college football teams brawl before the close of the first half.

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South Carolina inmates collectively get almost 20 years of solitary confinement for rap video
seven inmates were collectively given more than 7,000 days in solitary confinement for a music video they filmed inside their cell

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Cop and Drunk Driver Hit By ANOTHER Drunk Driver During Traffic Stop
a sheriff deputy detaining a suspected drunk driver is hit by another drunk driver w is ping by.

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