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El Chapo's Judge Was Just Gunned Down While Jogging in Broad Daylight
judge presiding over el chapo case st and killed in mexico caught on tape

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Woman Chases Down Racist Man Who Assaulted Guy On Her Train In Bada** Video
A racist man punched a stranger in the face in London but he didn't get away without a fight.

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Racist Trump supporter caught on video going apesh*t inside a Manhattan subway train
a donald tp supporter argues with a black woman on a new york subway train using racially stile language.

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This Lady Clinging Onto Her Car To Stop It From Being Towed Is All Of Us
A woman tries to stop her car from being towed by clinging to the back of it.

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Amazing Train Driver Sprints Through Cars to Warn of Inevitable Crash
A train driver runs to alert his passengers three seconds before an impending crash.

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Man miraculously survives spectacular fall off the Great Wall of China in this dramatic footage
A Chinese tourist fell from a great height when climbing down the undeveloped part of the Great Wall in Beijing, China.

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Furious airport worker smashes up plane after 'Being fired by employer'
A video circulating around the internet allegedly shows a disgruntled airport worker destroying a plane because he was fired.

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Woman Waves Goodbye Moments Before Explosion (Video)
cctv cameras capture a woman's last precious moments before being blown away by a suicide bomber.

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WATCH: Kid gets run over by van, gets right back up again
A child in China is captured on video being run over by a speeding van and getting up like nothing happened.

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It Takes These Brazen Thieves Just Seconds to Install an Invisible Card Skimmer
Watch as three men distract the store clerk and place card (reader) skimmer on ATM machine

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Sickening Video Shows 'Father' Laughing While Making His Toddler Smoke Cigarettes (Video)
a scking video sws a father giving his son a cigarette to smoke.

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WATCH: Drunk Woman Drives Car With 15-Foot Tree in Hood
A drunken driver is arrested after hitting a tree and continuing to drive with the tree wedged in her car's hood.

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Loose Tiger Causes Traffic Nightmare On Qatar Highway
A loose tiger frightens and confuses drivers on a busy Qatar highway.

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Drinking coffee while black: Ohio cop stops black man strolling down the street then slams him into wall
a police officer stalks and arrests a man for jaywalking in cincinnati.

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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Toddler Falls Out Of Moving Van Onto Busy Road In China
Dashcam video shows father drive off after his toddler falls out of a moving van.

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