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A Toddler Melted Down On Live TV And It Was A Hilarious Trainwreck
A toddler has a hilarious tantrum while being shot live for a morning show car seat demonstration.

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News Reporter Caught On Camera Asking Co-Anchor What She Thinks About Boners
news ancr makes awkward slip on live tv news blooper.

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Philly TV Reporters Are Getting Pelted With Snowballs While Reporting On Blizzard
TV reporters in Philly get hit with snowballs while attempting to live report a major snowstorm.

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TV News Anchor Fails Math During Powerball Report (Video)
A news anchor talking about the Powerball jackpot seems to be really bad at math.

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TV Reporter Loses Her Bikini Top During Live Broadcast (Video)
chilean reporter loses her top while taking a dip in the pacific ocean on a live broadcast.

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Watch The Super Awkward Moment R. Kelly Walks Out Of An Interview After Being Asked About Past Sexual Assault Allegations
Singer R. Kelly walks out of a recent interview after being asked about past sexual assault allegations.

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TV Reporter Spotted Bank Robbery Suspect While Filming A Live Segment (Video)
A suspected bank robber appears when a news reporter is shooting a live shot for KIMT News 3 in Minnesota.

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Sideline reporter forgets she's on live TV, completely botches segment
A sports reporter totally butchers a segment while broadcasting live from Barcelona.

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News anchor has on-air meltdown because he doesn't want to talk about the Kardashians
A news anchor throws a temper tantrum on-air when he is forced to talk about the Kardashians.

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Los Angeles TV Reporter Scared By Man During Live Broadcast (Video)
A news reporter flips out when a man sneaks behind her during a live shot.

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Two Magicians Pulled Off Perhaps The Greatest Videobomb Of Our Time
A pair of magicians pull off a magic trick behind a news reporter recording a live shot.

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2 News Crews Robbed on Live TV During Report on San Francisco Shooting
a pair of news crews is robbed while trying to report at the location of a deadly soting in san francisco.

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What makes this news report so entertaining? Cows having sex of course
two cows engage in sexual intercourse while a news reporter attempts to interview a farmer.

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This Might Be the Best Local News Interview Ever
An interesting eyewitness gives details of a police car wreck in an unforgettable interview.

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Baltimore-Freddie Gray Protester Drops F-Bombs On CNN (Video)
a protester in baltimore hijacks a live cnn newscast during the middle of a march for the police killing of freddie gray.

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