Newscaster Bloopers

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Children Hilariously Crashing A Live BBC TV Interview Is Frontrunner For Best News Blooper Of 2017
Adorable children crash a live BBC interview to bother their apologetic dad

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Watch This News Reporter Accidentally Draw A Penis On Live TV
during a pictionary-esque game, a news reporter draws something too phallic for television.

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Fox Sports Host Makes Terrible Mistake And Shows Her Underwear On Live TV
argentinian fox news tv presenter accidentally flashes her underwear on live television.

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Cloudy with a chance of spiders! Hilarious moment weatherman screams in terror as spider crawls across camera on live TV
Watch a weatherman scream in the girliest way while shooting a weather spot on live television.

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A local TV reporter dropped his microphone right into a tuba
News reporter accidentally drops a microphone down a student's instrument during a live report at a pep rally..

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Fox Sports reporter hit by car while on live TV
A reporter in Mexico is struck by a car while reporting outside of an airport.

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TV Weatherman Falls Into Pool During Broadcast (Video)
An Australian weatherman falls into a pool on accident while shooting a live segment.

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News team loses it over oddly-shaped weather graphic on live TV
oddly shaped weather map sends wgn morning news into fits of laughter.

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WATCH: Local Weatherman Reacts To East Bay Earthquake While On Air
An Oakland weatherman freaks out during an earthquake while going through a routine weather hit.

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Watch This PRICELESS Reaction To A Weatherman Learning What N.W.A. Stood For [VIDEO]
A weatherman gives the definition of what he thinks N.W.A means and his co-newscaster breaks out in laughter.

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TV Reporter Busts Out Some Incredible Dance Moves During Commercial Break
a news reporter does the whip/nae nae while on break from soting a live st.

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Los Angeles TV Reporter Scared By Man During Live Broadcast (Video)
A news reporter flips out when a man sneaks behind her during a live shot.

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What makes this news report so entertaining? Cows having sex of course
two cows engage in sexual intercourse while a news reporter attempts to interview a farmer.

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Reporter Goes Absolutely Nuts As Cicadas Take Over Her Entire Shot (Video)
Cicadas cause a news reporter causing her to freak out in a news segment.

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Texas News Anchor Caught Texting During Broadcast (Video)
A news anchor is caught on camera texting during a live newscast.

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