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Texas Cop Challenges Weed-Smoking Teen to 200 Push-Ups to Avoid Arrest
police officer offers teen a 200 push-up or jail ultimatum

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WATCH: Video Shows Chargers Security Guard Masturbating Near Cheerleaders
a security guard has been fired after a video emerged swing him masturbating on the field near cheerleaders

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Man Banned From Airline After Video Of His Trump Rant On Plane Goes Viral
a man's obnoxious political rant on a plane gets him banned for life!

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The Internets At War Over Moms 'Incestuous' Videos Breastfeeding Her Toddlers
a mother is dealing with major criticism over videos she posts online of her breastfeeding her children

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David Blaine shocked Steph Curry, Dave Chappelle and Drake by spitting out live frogs
David Blaine Freaks Out Drake, Dave Chappell, And Steph Curry With Gross Magic Trick

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These bald eagels getting stuck in the sewer drain in the perfect example of where America is heading
These Bald Eagles Stuck In A Sewer Drain Is The Most Florida Thing Of All Time

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A HUGE Poisonous Snake Was Found On A Flight To Mexico And Not ONE Person Jumped Out The Emergency Exit Door
A passenger recorded the footage of the snake falling from a plane mid flight

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These Shiny Legs Are Creating Hysteria On The Internet
People Are Losing It Over This Photo Of Someone's Legs

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Watch Wiz Khalifa Hand Out Free Weed to Paparazzi
wiz khalifa gives out free samples of his own khalifa kush strain.

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jopay: angel
Woman Fakes Kidnap And Rape By Sending BF Pics Of Herself Gagged And Bleeding
a woman w made up a harrowing story about w she was kidnapped, beaten and raped has been jailed for a year.

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Try Not To Cry Watching Guy Smash All The iPhone 7s That Couldve Been Yours
Pissed Off Customer Goes Postal At An Apple Store Casually Smashing Every Device In The Place

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This Old Dude Going Ballistic On A Cyclist After Refusing To Share The Road Is The Funniest Video Youll See Today
dude unleashes pbic tirade on cyclist in road rage meltdown.

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Woman Films Uber Driver Screaming In Her Face To Get Out Of His Car And The Video Is Biting HER In The A** Now
a disturbing viral video sws a woman antagonizing her very annoyed uber driver for not troughly explaining their location.

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A car parked near Lake Erie turned into a big block of ice during NFL playoff game
A bar patron parks his car next to Lake Erie on a cold winter day - finds his car frozen and encased in thick ice hours later.

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Watch This Bro Drive His Lamborghini Through San Diego Flood Waters LIKE A BOSS
a lamborghini gallardo driver drives his car through a flooded san diego street.

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