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Police Officer Talks Suicidal Man Out Of Jumping Off Bridge By Discussing Shared Hatred Of The Cowboys
an officer thwarts a potential suicide with the help of a mutual hatred of the dallas cowboys.

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Someone Live-Streamed This Naked Man Going On A Bizarre Rant About Trump
a creepy naked guy rants about tp in an odd daytime display in nyc.

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You've Never Seen Anything Like This 800+ Pound Alligator Caught In Florida That Was Was Feasting On Cattle
A monster alligator weighing in at over 800 pounds is captured in Florida.

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Little Girls Performing A Song And Dance Routine In Support Of Donald Trump Will Frighten, Confuse And Terrify You
A recent Donald Trump rally features a creepy warm up act by a trio of little girls.

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Ex-Circus Zebras Are Running Through The Streets Of Philadelphia And Yep! The Mushrooms Just Kicked In
zebras escape and run through the streets of philadelphia causing scores of police to chase them.

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Gonzaga and Pittsburgh slip and slide on basketball court in Japan
A basketball game between Gonzaga and Pittsburgh is called because a slippery floor made for very unsafe playing conditions.

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Woman Could Go To Jail After Secretly Filming Husband Groping The Maid (Video)
the wife of a saudi arabian man faces jail time for capturing her husband groping a maid in her me.

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Texas Girl Sneezes Up To 12,000 Times A Day (Video)
A pre-teen girl from Texas has a condition that forces her to sneeze close to 12,000 times per day.

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Surveillance video in China shows four pedestrians swallowed by sinkhole at city bus stop
Four people waiting for a bus in Northern China are swallowed by a four meter deep sinkhole.

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VIDEO: Woman smiles after being arrested in deaths of her twin girls on Mother’s Day
a mom smiles while being arrested for drowning her twin daughters on mother's day.

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Firefighter Saves Suicidal Woman By Drop Kicking Her Back Through Window
a firefighter in brazil saves a woman contemplating suicide by kicking her back into a 10th story window.

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WATCH: Statue of Liberty Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found
An orderly evacuation took place at the scene and was captured in the video below, eyewitnesses say.

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Video Surfaces of ESPN Sideline Reporter Britt McHenry Berating Tow Lot Employee
an espn reporter is suspended after a verbal confrontation between herself and a parking lot employee goes viral.

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4-Year-Old Girl Leaves House At 3 AM And Boards Bus To Get A Slushie
A 4-year-old-girl walks out of her home at 3 in the morning to get her slushie before being helped by a bus driver.

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WATCH: Man releases pet RAT into restaurant to try and receive free meal
A diner releases a pet rat into a restaurant in an effort to try and get a free Valentine's Day meal.

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