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This Teen Became A Meme After His Pure Reaction To Rare Animals In Class Went Viral
Watch student's hilarious reaction to seeing wild animals in science class

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All Bad: Montreal's First Snowfall Of The Year Causes Car Pile Up Which Includes A Police Patrol Vehicle!
Winter storm causes buses, cars and a snow plow to go crashing into each other

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Watch This News Reporter Accidentally Draw A Penis On Live TV
during a pictionary-esque game, a news reporter draws something too phallic for television.

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Dropped The Ball: Yankees Fan Loses Ring In Botched Marriage Proposal In Front Of Millions
Guy planned to propose to his girlfriend at a Yankee's baseball game but dropped and lost the ring.

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These Party Girls Are Going Viral After No One Wanted To Sit By Them On Plane
Passengers were unlucky enough to get stuck next to some pretty awful-sounding girls

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Little girl loses her mind over cotton candy at baseball game
Little Girl Devouring Cotton Candy Is The Cutest Thing Youll See All Day

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Teen Forced to Wait Through Beyonce-Inspired Performance Before He Can Attend Prom
A young teenager waits in what seems like boredom as his date attempts to put on a Beyonce inspired show before prom.

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Youtuber VitalyZDTV Streaks NBA Finals To Send A Message To Donald Trump
Popular YouTuber Vitaly streaks across the court of the NBA finals with "Trump Sucks" written across his body.

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So You Think You Can Barf? Contestant vomits on Paula Abdul
A young contestant on "So You Think You Can Dance" vomits on Paula Abdul after a hug from the celebrity judge.

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Cavs fans literally eats his own shirt after losing Warriors-Thunder bet
A Cleveland Cavaliers fan eats his shirt for losing a bet on the Thunders

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This Woman Did A Rap Freestyle While Having Sex And It's Surprisingly Lit
a woman posts a video of herself freestyle rapping while having sex on social media.

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WATCH: Ted Cruz Accidentally Hits, Elbows Wife In Face After Suspending Campaign
Ted Cruz accidentally hits his wife, and elbows her in the face during a concession speech in Indiana and Twitter reacts.

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This Couple Was Caught Having Sex On A Busy Train Platform In NSFW Video
this is the scking moment a couple were caught having sex on the platform of a busy train station in clear view.

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The Banana Peel Challenge Is the Latest Internet Trend and Someone Is Definitely Going to End Up in the Hospital
Teenagers are slipping all over the internet because of the 'Banana Peel Challenge'

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Teenage Drake

Or Jewish mother of four
Teenage Drake

Or Jewish mother of four

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