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LeBron surprised family that won his new game show by hand-delivering their $1.3 million in cash
LeBron James surprises Akron couple with $1.3 million winnings from 'The Wall'

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Students Surprise Teacher With Sneakers He Wanted In Adorable Viral Video
A class all pooled their money to buy their teacher a very special gift

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Hero Passenger Beats Down Guy Who 'Touched' Teen Girl On Bus In Viral Video
a man tried to inappropriately touch a 15-year-old girl on a bus but was stopped by a hero

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Fearless Chemo Patient Busting Out Dance Moves With Best Friend Goes Viral
Cancer patient filmed dancing to "Juju on That Beat" in her hospital room.

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Woman Chases Down Racist Man Who Assaulted Guy On Her Train In Bada** Video
A racist man punched a stranger in the face in London but he didn't get away without a fight.

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Good samaritans form human chain to rescue man from burning car
At least half a dozen people help the man escape, dragging him to safety as the flames from the car grow higher

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ROTC teen lifts spirits of crying cheerleader missing her military dad
Student Rescues Cheerleader in Tears Because of Military Dads Absence

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Guys Simple Act Of Kindness For Cops At NYC Bombing Scene Is Going Viral
A Starbucks employee offered officers who were guarding the bomb scene on 23rd Street free coffee and pastries.

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A Couple Of Bystanders Saved A Woman From A Burning Car After An Out Of Control Semi Caused A Ten Car Pileup
A dramatic video shows rescuers pulling a woman from a burning vehicle moments after a crash.

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Heroes rescue woman trapped in submerged car in dramatic video
The dramatic moment when a couple of men help to rescue a woman and her dog from a car submerged in water.

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Good Samaritans Rescue Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks At City Hall Station
Three bystanders lift a man off of subway tracks in a heroic moment.

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Convenience Store Clerk Grabs Baby Before Mother Collapses From Seizure
Clerk grabs baby from woman before she collapses.

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Police Officer Risks His Own Life Saving A Child As They Are Hit By A Car
Police officer escapes after getting hit by car as he saves the life of a child.

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Shaq meets Gainesville basketball cop, hoops with neighborhood kids
Shaq surprises a police officer and kids in Gainesville after seeing a touching viral video showing the cop playing with the kids.

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Target Employee's Act Of Kindness To A Complete Stranger Will Warm Your Heart
A Facebook post highlighting an Indiana Target employee's kind attitude, goes viral.

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