Police Brutality Video

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WATCH: Video Shows Off-Duty LAPD Cop Fire Gun During Struggle With 13 Year Old Kid!
viral video swing an off-duty officer firing his gun during a struggle with a 13-year-old boy

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Graphic Body Cam Video Released of Cops Murdering 6-Year-Old Autistic Boy
video of police soting that killed 6-year-old autistic la. boy released

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Police Say They Were Justified In Pepper Spraying Handcuffed 15-Year-Old Girl Watch The Shocking Video and Decide For Yourself
a police body camera sws officers detaining and eventually pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl after she had been handcuffed

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Dashcam Footage Shows Cop Allowing K9 To Maul Man For Several Minutes [Video] Read More: Dashcam Footage Shows Cop Allowing K9 To Maul Man
an officer in florida allows his dog to maul a man for several minutes.

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Disturbing Video Catches Cop Plotting to Shoot an Unconscious Man in Need of Medical Help
two police officers peppery spray and verbally abuse a man in need of medical attention.

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WATCH: Seattle cop slugs homeless man for no apparent reason
a seattle police officer brutally punches a meless man in the face for allegedly spitting on the officer while speaking.

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Video shows Va. police tasing handcuffed man before his death
a handcuffed man dies after being repeatedly tased by police while attempting to escape into a spital.

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NYPD Cop Body Slams Skateboarder Who Claims 'Police Brutality' (Vid
a skateboarder claims to be a victim of police brutality after a cop slams and arrests him in new york.

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Oklahoma cop facing felony charges after savagely beating unarmed suspect with butt of shotgun
a cop smashes a suspect in the face with a stgun, and is charged with a felony.

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'He's a f*cking kid': Video shows nine California cops arrest sobbing black teen for jaywalking
police brutalize a teenager and arrest him for allegedly attempting to jaywalk across a street.

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Terrifying video shows tennis star James Blake tackled and handcuffed by NYPD
ex-tennis star james blake is mistakenly arrested in brutal fashion by an nypd officer.

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Los Angeles Deputies Fatally Shoot Unarmed, Mentally-Ill Man (Video)
sheriff deputies in los angeles beat and sot to death an alleged mentally disturbed man.

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Crowds Turn Against Cops Twice In Brooklyn After Possible Police Brutality (Video)
new york police officers are under fire for brutalizing citizens in different instances this past week.

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Ohio Police Officer Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man
a university of cincinatti cop is indicted for murder stemming from the soting of an unarmed man.

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‘We’re going to need medical': Colorado officer reminds fellow cop of body cam but he beats jailed man anyway
an officer in colorado is captured by his own body cam, severely beating on a suspect.

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