Police Brutality Videos

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NBC Obtains Video of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott
the family of keith lamont scott release video of his fatal encounter with north carolina police.

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Video released in fatal police shooting of unarmed Oklahoma man Terence Crutcher (WARNING - GRAPHIC)
oklama police release video in the aftermath of the soting death of an unarmed black man, terence crutcher.

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Horrific video shows 15-Year-Old black teen being chased by cops and shot at SIXTEEN TIMES - even as he was on his knees surrendering
ny police are under fire for soting a teenager, even after the teen surrendered.

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Chicago officials release bodycam footage of cops handcuffing unarmed teen and 'Leaving him to die' after shooting him in the back - but crucial video of the killing is suspiciously missing
Chicago police have released controversial footage showing the shooting of 18-year-old Paul ONeal.

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Surveillance video shows Oklahoma jail staff put distressed inmate in fatal chokehold
darius robinson was locked up in an oklama jail when officers pepper sprayed him and crushed his windpipe in what was ruled as a

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WATCH: Video shows LA sheriff's deputy shooting partner as they wrestle and kill disarmed suspect
la sheriff's deputies are under fire after a video sws them killing a suspect w had no weapon.

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Canadian Police Caught On Video Beating Disabled Man During Mistaken Arrest
police officers in canada brutalize a man before letting him go.

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Disturbing video appears to show deputies beating suspect in Mission alley
two police officers caught on tape beating a man thursday morning in a san francisco alley.

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Graphic video shows Florida officer knock on door, shoot dog 3 times
florida city cop sots family dog 3 times.

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WATCH: Baltimore cop suspended for spitting in handcuffed black mans face then charging him with assault
a baltimore police officer is suspended after cell pne video sws him spitting on a man before arresting him for ault.

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New York Police Say Viral Video Showing Cop Choking Man Was Actually Life-Saving Attempt
police allege that a controversial video of them cking a man really captured police trying to save the man's life.

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Texas Cop Grabs Teen By Throat, Slams Him Down In School (Video)
a cop brutally slams a teenager down by his neck in a texas high scol.

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WATCH: Delaware cop shoots black man in wheelchair bleeding from Self-Inflicted wound
police in delaware fatally sot man in wheelchair w had just recently tried to commit suicide.

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Watch: Cop Body Slams Man Singing On Sidewalk (Video)
an elderly man is roughed up outside of an establishment by a cop for singing a beach boys song.

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Shock Video: Cop Handcuffs Tiny Child and Watches as he Screams in Agony
a young child with disabilities cries hysterically when cops handcuff his arms behind his back for acting out in scol.

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