Police Brutality

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Sadly certain things won’t change and the issue of police brutality seems to be one of them. With the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown police brutality is getting national attention. These days instead of protect and serve it seems more like the police motto is kill… by any means necessary for any reason even no reason at all.

Here we have added the most popular and viral police brutality news, videos and articles from all over the Internet. We have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

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Unarmed #NoDAPL activists at #StandingRock reportedly hit by rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons in freezing cold
Video taken near the protest camp outside the Standing Rock Sioux reservation showed a crowd of protesters facing off with authori

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Protesters clash with police in Charlotte after fatal shooting of black man
Protesters in South Carolina take to the streets following the shooting death of an unarmed Black man, Keith Lamont Scott.

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Black woman calls 911 during traffic stop because she fears Houston cop who then attacks her
a uston woman is forcefully arrested after calling 911 on a police officer during a traffic stop.

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Cop is seen CHOKING protester as tensions rise in Baltimore after first officer to face charges in Freddie Gray's death walks FREE from cour
a protester is cked by a cop in a tense scene, allegedly for no apparent reason.

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Video Shows Deputy Fatally Shooting Armed Man As He Walks, Crawls Away
a new video captures the moment when la sheriff's publicly execute an armed man w was crawling away.

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Cops Shoots Unarmed Man on Video, for No Reason then Covers it Up and Wont be Charged
pefully, this new means of police claiming they "accidentally" st an unarmed man, does not become a trend of w cops escape c

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Chicago Releases Video Of White Police Officer Fatally Shooting Black Teen 16 Times
chicago police released dashcam video that sws a police officer soting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald in 2014.

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Canadian Police Caught On Video Beating Disabled Man During Mistaken Arrest
police officers in canada brutalize a man before letting him go.

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Disturbing video appears to show deputies beating suspect in Mission alley
two police officers caught on tape beating a man thursday morning in a san francisco alley.

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Video Of Police In Tuscaloosa Beating And Tasing Two College-Age Bros Allegedly Over A Noise Complaint Is Going Viral
College aged individuals in Alabama are violently arrested over what is alleged to be a noise complaint.

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WATCH: Video Shows Deputy Dragging Student From Desk in South Carolina
a cop violently arrests a female high scol student sitting at her desk for refusing to leave the clroom.

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Graphic video shows Florida officer knock on door, shoot dog 3 times
florida city cop sots family dog 3 times.

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New window tint designed to prevent police brutality
New window tint designed to prevent police brutality

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WATCH: Unarmed black woman beaten and tackled by Florida cops for filming arrest of her husband
a black woman is punched and violently taken to the ground by two police officers for recording her husband's arrest.

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Crowds Turn Against Cops Twice In Brooklyn After Possible Police Brutality (Video)
new york police officers are under fire for brutalizing citizens in different instances this past week.

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