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INSANE Video Shows Ride-Along Go Horrifically Wrong As Perps Shoot Up Police Cruiser During High-Speed Pursuit
police officer and penger on ride-along come under barrage of gunfire in central california

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This Insane Car Chase That Lasted Hours Was Live-Streamed On Facebook
Woman leads police on a three hour long car chase through California.

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Insane Video Shows Marcus Vick Running Away From Cops And Being Captured At Gunpoint
troubled former football player marcus vick makes an insane escape from cops w try to arrest him.

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GTA IRL: Criminal Suspect Chased By Police Helicopter, SUV And Cop On Foot, Smashed By Open-Field Tackle
Houston police tackle a suspect in pursuit in this epic chase footage.

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Totally Savage Driver Uses Smoke Screen and Throws Spikes at the Police During Car Chase
Driver uses smokescreen and throws spikes during a high-speed chase.

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This Rich Kid Started A 6-Car Police Chase And Live-Streamed It All
The crazy moment when a privileged group of Russian young adults, live-streams themselves running from police.

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Woman Tries To Run Over Parents With Car, Goes On 100-MPH Police Chase, Strips Naked To Avoid Arrest (VIDEO)
a woman strips naked after leading police on a wild car chase in pasadena, california.

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The Most Millennial Police Chase In The History Of Police Chases Just Happened In LA, And It Was GTA V Come To Life
a mind blowing police chase takes place in the streets of los angeles.

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Grand Theft Auto IRL: Woman Shamelessly Tries To Steal LAPD Police Cruiser At The End Of A High Speed Chase
A woman attempts to steal a police cruiser at the end of a high-speed chase.

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11-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Steals Cement Mixer, Leads Police On High-Speed Chase
11-year-old boy took a contractor's cement truck for a joyride around Dodge Center, Minnesota, before being caught by the cops.

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Watch This Hero Pedestrian Take Down A Criminal Running From The Cops With One Foot
a bystander stops a suspect being chased by police with a swift leg trip.

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Suspect Killed After Car Chase Turns Into Intense Police Shootout (Video)
seattle police officers kill a suspect with a barrage of bullets after a dramatic car chase.

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Ex-Circus Zebras Are Running Through The Streets Of Philadelphia And Yep! The Mushrooms Just Kicked In
zebras escape and run through the streets of philadelphia causing scores of police to chase them.

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Michigan Car Thief Leads Police On A Grand Theft Auto Type Chase
a car thief leads police on a wild car chase in michigan.

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Cop Asks Biker to do a Wheelie, Then Tries to Pull Him Over Biker Runs!
a cop allegedly asks a biker to pop a wheelie and tries to pull him over. the motorcycle rider then takes off and escapes.

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