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INSANE Video Shows Ride-Along Go Horrifically Wrong As Perps Shoot Up Police Cruiser During High-Speed Pursuit
police officer and penger on ride-along come under barrage of gunfire in central california

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Brand New Cop Fired From Her Job After Posting A Snapchat In Full Uniform With Racial Caption
melissa adamson is out of two jobs after posting this racial picture caption on social media.

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Police Caught On Video Making Up Charges For Man: Gotta Cover Our A**
police officers accidentally recorded themselves making up charges against a protester in connecticut.

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Three Teen Girls Die as Cops Stand By and Do Nothing - Video Evidence
video evidence sws police standing by when three girls crash a stolen car into a pond and drown instead of helping.

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Texas cop under investigation after video shows him Pepper-Spraying bikers for no reason
A Fort Worth cop is caught macing a group of bikers who seem to be innocently driving on a highway.

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Drinking coffee while black: Ohio cop stops black man strolling down the street then slams him into wall
a police officer stalks and arrests a man for jaywalking in cincinnati.

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Miami woman pulls over cop for driving 90 on his way to work and what happens next is awesome
A Miami woman receives an apology from a speeding police officer after a short lecture.

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Award-Winning Florida Deputy Indicted for Beating Non-Resisting Man in Surveillance Video
florida cops beat a man w was clearly surrendering.

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Minnesota Cop Shoots Unarmed Motorcyclist, Blames 'Muscle Memory' (Video)
minnesota cop accidentally sots fleeing motorcycle driver.

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Cop Asks Biker to do a Wheelie, Then Tries to Pull Him Over Biker Runs!
a cop allegedly asks a biker to pop a wheelie and tries to pull him over. the motorcycle rider then takes off and escapes.

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Some memes 

Just make themselves...
Some memes

Just make themselves...

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Police Officer Pulls Over Driver For Air Freshener In Car (Video)
A cop in Rhode island pulls over a man for having an air freshener inside of his car.

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Huge Woman Manhandles Cop After He Tries To Arrest Her
a woman slams a cop srtly when the officer attempts to arrest her in a department store.

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Woman Caught Riding On Hood Of Police Car In D.C. (Video)
alleged prosute rides on the od of a police car outside of a tel in washington d.c.

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Shock Video: Cop Handcuffs Tiny Child and Watches as he Screams in Agony
a young child with disabilities cries hysterically when cops handcuff his arms behind his back for acting out in scol.

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