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Texas Cop Challenges Weed-Smoking Teen to 200 Push-Ups to Avoid Arrest
police officer offers teen a 200 push-up or jail ultimatum

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New Jersey cop saves a suicidal man as he refused to get off train tracks
The heroic moment a transit cop saved a suicidal man as he refused to get off the tracks.

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Naked Guy High On Bath Salts Attacks Mailman, Then Says The Most Outlandish Sh* t To The Cops
a naked texas man high on drugs goes on a crazy rant while being arrested.

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Freeze! Police pull over anxious Virginia driver without telling her why and then surprise her with ICE CREAMS in PR stunt
Virginia police issue ice cream cones instead of traffic tickets.

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Korryn Gaines, A 23-Year-Old Mother, Latest Black Woman Killed By Police
many are questioning the cirstances surrounding gaines death, after she was killed by police in her me.

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Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck
caretaker charles kinsey is swn lying in the street with a 23-year-old autistic man before being hit by a bullet from police.

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Three Officers Fatally Shot In Baton Rouge Louisiana
three police officers were fatally st in baton rouge by at least one person, dressed in black, walking down a highway with a gun

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This White Cop Is Going Viral For His Police Work In Black Communities
An Arkansas police officer named Tommy Norman goes viral for all of the right reasons with his excellent community policing.

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Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson arrested by Baton Rouge police
DeRay McKesson, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, was arrested during a demonstration in Baton Rouge Saturday, July 9

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Devastating Witness Videos Reveal Exactly What Happened In The Dallas Shooting
5 officers dead, and over a dozen are injured after soting at a police protest in dallas.

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This Cops Powerful Video Demanding Anyone Who Wears A Badge But Wont Protect Black Lives Quit Is Going Viral
A furious police officer in Ohio speaks out against racist police officers.

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Black Man Shot and Killed By Police Officer in Minnesota, Aftermath Streamed on Facebook
philando castile was killed today after an officer st him four times when he was reaching for his wallet.

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‘Kill Me!’: Surveillance Video Captures Moment Murder Suspect Suddenly Goes for Officer’s Gun Inside Interrogation Room
murder suspect tries to cops gun inside interview room.

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Totally Savage Driver Uses Smoke Screen and Throws Spikes at the Police During Car Chase
Driver uses smokescreen and throws spikes during a high-speed chase.

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Dashcam Footage Shows Cop Allowing K9 To Maul Man For Several Minutes [Video] Read More: Dashcam Footage Shows Cop Allowing K9 To Maul Man
an officer in florida allows his dog to maul a man for several minutes.

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