Prank Gone Wrong

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Watch This Dude Narrowly Escape A Beat Down For His Glorious ‘Boner At The Gym’ Prank
this awkward " in the gym prank" almost resulted getting beat up.

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Man sets friend's bare feet on fire in extreme prank that goes too far
the reckless joker quietly pours lighter fluid over his sleeping pal's feet before setting them ablaze.

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[Watch] The Chilling Moment When You Meet Your Tinder Date's Crazy Ex Lover - Funny Social Experiment Video
a funny prank on youtube sws just w wrong a tinder date can go with this epic prank.

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Prankster Nearly Gets Shot Trying To Sell Water Gun In The Hood
pranksters approach random strangers trying to sell 'guns,' and try not to die in the process.

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This Is Why You Should NEVER Tease A Dog. These Dog Owners Get What They Deserve! (Video)
A man pranking his dog with a Vuvuzela has to stop when the dog decides to use the bathroom inside of the house.

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(Watch) Some Very Evil Friends Set A Friend's Pants On Fire As He Sleeps
two pranksters wake a friend out of his sleep by lightiing his pants on fire.

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A Stupid Prank Involving Fireworks Causes A Car to Explode in the Prankster's faces (VIDEO)
a crazy video sws a car exploding violently after a bomb of fireworks is lit inside of the small vehicle.

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Video Captures NYPD Cop Pushing 'Ellen' Prankster to Ground
an nypd officer hurls profanities after discovering the dancing prankster attempting to get on 'the ellen degeneres sw'

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Watch A Guy Pull A Shake Weight Prank On Some Cops
a prankster uses a shake weight to exercise in some pretty weird positions. ping to catch the attention of nearby cops.

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Kid Tries To Push Girl In The Water, Learns A Valuable Lesson About Strength (Video)
A guy fails spectacularly at trying to push a girl in a small body of water.

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(Video) Woman Abused In Front Of Cops Prank!
world renowned prankster vitaly, pranks cops by pretending to abuse a woman on the street.

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Man mails 15 live baby chicks to Ex-Girlfriend in DC
Odd news story about a man who sent baby chicks to his ex girlfriend as an insult.

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Honesty Pays Off In The End (Homeless Prank)
A guy drops his wallet in front of homeless citizens for a social experiment.

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Math Hoffa Chokes Out Prankster During Rap Battle (VIDEO)
battle rapper math ffa ckes out a prankster on video, after he feels disrespected.

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the funniest pranks are the ones that backfire! check out these epic prank fails and watch what happens when pranks go wrong!

Epic Prank Fails || FailArmy
the funniest pranks are the ones that backfire! check out these epic prank fails and watch what happens when pranks go wrong!

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