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You will see videos of people getting played, shocked or scared dealing with anything from flirting, gym situations, bets lost that go extremely wrong to the tune of having eat food out of places they maybe shouldn't.

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Watch The Creepy Girl From The Ring Crawl Out Of A Store TV And Scare The Absolute Shit Out Of Customers
Rings Prank Sends People At An Electronics Store Running!

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That Viral Video Of A Guy Riding An Ostrich Through Traffic, Is Totally Fake...
A Kazakhstan bank says it was behind the marketing stunt.

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Fat Joe Plays His Song to Uber Riders: "I Thought Fat Joe was Dead'
Fat Joe Uber drives and makes people listen to his music.

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This Bloody Broken Arm Prank Might Take Top Honors For Grossest Trick Ever Played On Someone
a prankster tricks bystanders into thinking he breaks his arm with the help of some realistic makeup.

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Sick prank? Student believed she drank professors urine for extra credit
A professor allegedly pranks a student by making her drink his urine for extra credit.

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Video: watch people lose their minds over an 'Invisible Driver' Tesla prank
see what happens when you decide to dress up as the drivers seat of an autonomous car.

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Watch This Dad Prank His Son with Tesla's Autopilot
A clever dad uses the 'Summon' feature on his Tesla Model S, to trick his kid into thinking the car is moving on its own.

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Student Rides Dirt Bike Through School Hallway For Senior Prank!
a senior high scol student rides his bike through his high scol for a senior prank.

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Prankster Shocks Waiting Uber Passengers When He Pulls Up In A Smoking Hot Bugatti
This Uber driver 'pranks' riders when he picks them up in a $1.5 million sportscar.

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Prank Caller Tricks Burger King Workers Into Smashing Windows
The damage the workers did with tire irons and other objects likely caused thousands of dollars in damage.

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WATCH: Andre Iguodala, Warriors Prank Festus Ezeli By Telling Him He's Been Waived
Warriors' player Andre Iguodala pranks his teammate by making it seem like he's been waived.

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Watch Thieves Get A Dirty Surprise In This Exploding Bait Purse Prank
A prankster baits people into stealing his/her purse and gives them a brilliant surprise when they do so.

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Guy Completely Calls Out A ‘Gold Digger’ In The Best Possible Way
A YouTuber pranks an alleged gold digger in this recent viral footage.

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Watch This Dude Shatter His Girlfriend’s Dreams With This Ice Cold Marriage Proposal Prank
a prankster tricks his girlfriend into thinking he is proposing to her.

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This Crazy Electric Bait Bike Prank Will Spark Fear In Thieves' Hearts
pranksters bait thieves in to steal a bike that they have rigged with an electric-sck mechanism.

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