Pranks 2015

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Cruel Daughter Pranks Dad By Gifting Him Baby Socks To Imply She’s Pregnant–His Reaction Is Priceless
girl gives dad baby socks for christmas and made him think she was pregnant.

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Australian pranksters scare people with bomb joke (VIDEO)
melbourne 'bomb scare prank' sparks outrage across australia.

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Social Experiment 2015: Lamborghini Gold Digger Prank
the clic 'gold digger' prank done using a sweet lamborghini.

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Most Epic Happy Ending Massage Prank
a youtuber pranks his friend into getting maged by a huge man w hilariously abuses his body.

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Tom Brady dressed as a crazed turkey and frightened his helpless children
Tom Brady pranks his children by dressing up in a turkey costume for some Thanksgiving fun.

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Pizza Rat prank unleashes hungry new rodent in New York
New Yorkers are frightened in the streets of New York in this epic Pizza Rat Prank.

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This Dropping Sex Toys On The Sidewalk Prank Is So Simple Yet So Damn Hilarious
strangers react to a prankster spilling out a suitcase full of sex toys.

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This Beach Shower Shampoo Prank Is Pure Evil And I Cant Stop Laughing
pranksters add shampoo to random beachgoers heads witut them noticing.

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Guy Scares The Sh*t Out Of Unsuspecting People With A Giant Fake Spider (Video)
A prankster scares random strangers with a fake giant spider.

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People Totally Lose It During Open House At Paranormal Activity Home (Video)
people freak out when an open use visit gets a bit 'paranormal' in this prank video promo for the new 'paranormal activity.'

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Prankster Has People Try To Lift Thors Hammer And They Completely Fail (Video)
A Youtuber watches random pedestrians fail at picking up a Thor hammer that only he can pick up by fingerprint scan.

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This ‘Camel Toe Prank’ Is So Incredibly Juvenile And Yet I Can’t Stop Chuckling
pranksters trick hilarious persby into thinking they are making sexually suggestive advances about their '."


I Wouldnt Wish This Convenience Store Ski Mask Prank On My Worst Enemy Yet Somehow Im Still Laughing
in the 'ski mask prank' these idiotic pranksters walk into gas stations asking for random items.

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Check Out the Drive Thru Magic Switch Prank
Pranksters trick drive thru employees by switching places in the driver's seat while the workers aren't paying attention.

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Watch People's Hilarious Reactions To A Guy Using A Selfie Stick To Take Upskirt Pics
two pranksters pretend to take upskirt pictures of a nearby girl in las vegas.

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