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Pranks are tricks that can be malicious or playful but no matter how they are intended they can go wrong. You will find plenty of articles and videos of pranks gone wrong there are articles about pranks like , "A prankster makes a person fall in a bathroom stall after the "Fake Pee" prank." and a few people that took a prank too far in the wrong hood when they tried snatching phones from complete strangers. The funniest one might be when a prankster actually draws attention to a ticket scalper and get him arrested. We have all of these and more and are constantly updating this section with new content.

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Row Of Dudes All Yank On Girls Ponytail As Joke, One Guy Pulls Out A Chunk Of Fake Hair And Gets SMACKED Unconscious
Teen finds out the hard way why you should never pull a girl's hair in this hilarious viral video!

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This Baby Powder In Hair Dryer Prank Is Ingenious, Minus The Part Where Everything Catches Fire And Explodes
Baby powder hair dryer prank goes wrong as it bursts into flames in a woman's face.

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Australian pranksters scare people with bomb joke (VIDEO)
melbourne 'bomb scare prank' sparks outrage across australia.

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This insane car flip prank got a YouTube star in trouble with his mom big time
YouTube star Vitaly pranks his Mom in Dubai by with this professional stunt driver prank.

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PRANKS: You Have To Have Big Huevos To Egg Cars In The Hood
career prankster vitaly tricks strangers into thinking that he has just egged their cars.

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Prank King Vitaly Masters The Art Of Being A Nuisance In Public
a new video sws a prankster acting as disorderly in public as possible.

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Jackass Pranks Car By Jumping Into Street Dressed As A Ghost, Driver Panics And Runs Right Over Him
a prankster is hit by a car at night time while trying to prank a driver.

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When ‘How To Win A Street Fight In The Hood’ Backfires And Prankster Gets Knocked Out
a prankster receives a swift knockout near the end of this 'od' prank gone wrong.

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Soccer player kidnapped at gunpoint and driven to the desert in worst TV prank ever
a prank by an algerian tv station kidnapping a soccer star seems to go way too far.

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Pranksters Made One Of Their Own Guys Think He Killed Someone While Doing A Scare Prank
pranksters trick a fellow prankster into thinking his prank killed someone.

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18-Year-Old Lets Friends Light Him On Fire -- It Doesn't End Well (Video)
a drunk party prank goes wrong when an 18-year-old lights himself on fire and suffers from harsh burns.

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The Moment Your Want Some Coke Prank Nearly Gets You Arrested
a group of pranksters trick police during a stop with a innumerable amount of "coke" in their truck.

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Fake Pee Prank Causes Guy To Fall On His Ass In Bathroom Stall (Video)
A prankster makes a person fall in a bathroom stall after the "Fake Pee" prank.

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Worst Friends Ever Throw Passed Out Drunk Guy Off Second Story Balcony
crazy video of a drunken person being thrown over the balcony by friends.

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(VIDEO) A Prankster Accidentally Causes A Ticket Scalper To Get Arrested
During a prank, a prankster accidentally causes cops to move in and arrest a scalper.

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