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'You know how awesome the Blackhawks are? They've got black people loving hockey.'
A newscaster records the moment when a black Chicago Blackhawks fan reacts to his team winning the Stanley Cup.

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Minn. Man Is Recorded Pulling Gun on Unarmed Black Man, Thinking He Was Drug Dealer(Video)
demetrius taylor videotaped a white meowner pulling a gun on him after he confronted the meowner about taking ptos of him.

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Sheesh: Asian Man Spits In A Racist Black Man's Face!
video of an asian man spitting on a member of the black israelites after being called a racial slur.

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How awkward would it be if Black women said some of the strange things White men say in interracial relationships!

If Black Women Said The Stuff White Men Say
How awkward would it be if Black women said some of the strange things White men say in interracial relationships!

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Ignorant AF: Racist Lady Goes Off On Tucson, City Bus Driver! (Video)
disturbing video sws a racist woman, spewing hate on a tucson city bus.

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White Guy Gets Kicked Unconscious After Racial slur in Cape Town
this video sws a man being knocked out on video for spewing racial slurs in cape town, south africa.

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Racist Tour Guide Has Insanely Racist Meltdown About Chinatown On Last Day Of Work
video of a drunken tour guide going on a racist tirade about why she dislikes chinatown and it's people.

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7/11 Clerks Refuses to Sell A Bag Of Chips To African Americans; Elderly White Woman Pays For Chips For Them (VIDEO)
White woman intervenes when 7/11 clerk refuses to sell bag of chips to African American man

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Social Experiment: Are Black Guys More Violent? Hood Pranks Exposed!
Video of a man exposing past "Hood Prank" videos, that pranksters use to create the stereotype that blacks are violent.

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Australian Men Charged After Shocking Racist Attack On Train Guard
australian men charged after exremely racist attack on black train guard

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Attorney shuts down police stop of black handyman: Now please leave our neighborhood
Attorney comes to aid of black neighborhood handyman after stopped by police as potential burglary suspect

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Israeli Rightists Wave ISIS-style Flags in Protest of African Asylum-Seekers
israeli rightists caught on tape in racist protest against african refugees

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That's so Raven! Oprah flips when Raven Symone says she's 'American' not 'African-American'
Video of Raven Symone making some heavy statements during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Police Pepper Spray Wake County Teen Inside His Home After He's Mistaken For Burglar
Shocking news story in which a boy was pepper sprayed by police in his home after being profiled as a burglar.

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This Take On President Obama Greeting White People Vs. Black People Is Amazing
This funny video uses a meet & greet with Barack Obama to illustrate the small but significant differences between certain groups.

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