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A Porsche landed on top of another Porsche during the GT Tour's Navarra 2015
A crash in a GT race ends with one race-car on top of another.

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Ferrari, Porsche Caught on Video Racing Through Stop Signs on Residential Street in Beverly Hills
Exotic cars speed through the residential streets of Beverly Hills at speeds over

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Supercharged 350Z Street Races Dodge Challenger Undercover Police Car, Gets Away with It - Video
A guy attempts to race a Dodge Challenger not realizing that it's an undercover police officer.

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A Driver Loses Control And Hits An Onlooker - Spectator Suffers Traumatic Injuries (VIDEO)
a driver w is alleged to have been racing in this video, loses control of his vehicle and violently collides with an onlooker.

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Man saves child from being hit by Out-Of-Control rally car
The incredible moment when a man saves a small child from being hit by a rally car that loses control.

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Terrifying moment NASCAR driver flips over racetrack before smashing into fence at 200mph
NASCAR driver Austin Dillon is hit by another driver and slams violently into a fence while going over 200 mph.

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Several Spectators Hit By Drivers In Baja 500 Race (Video)
spectators are injured in a rrific off-road race in mexico.

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Clutch leg vs.

Gas leg
Clutch leg vs.

Gas leg

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A Man In A Wheelchair Decided To Try Racing Against The Subway
Anthony is passionate about the need for improved wheelchair access across London so shot Anthonys own attempt to #racethetube...

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Ultimate supercar showdown: Bugatti Vs Lambo Vs Lexus Vs McLaren
This is four of the fastest production cars today. Watch this epic race to see which is king of speed

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