Real Street Fights

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Bronx Man Assaults Foul-Mouthed Woman's Husband On Subway (Video)
a mentally-ill woman triggers a brawl on a ny subway over a seat.

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VIDEO: 2 Men Fight With Weapons in Austin, Texas, Intersection
roadside fight in austin, texas is caught on camera.

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There's Another Shocking Video Of NBA Star Jahlil Okafor Brawling In Boston
nba rookie jahlil okafor is captured fighting hecklers in yet another drunken brawl in the streets of boston.

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TAILGATE FIGHT! U-Miami Fan Goes Ape Shit In Enemy Territory And Beats The Piss Out Of A Handful Of FSU Fans
fans of miami university and fsu brawl at a recent pre-game tailgate.

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You Can’t Even Consider It A Street Fight Until Baseball Bats And Car Seats Are Used As Weapons
a trio of women beat up a man with weapons in the middle of a busy street.

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Brawl Starts Outside A Burger King, Ends Inside It With A Dude Walloping Someone Over The Head With A Pipe
brawlers fight over a cheating woman inside of a burger king in charlotte, nc.

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Crazy Catfight Erupts When Grocery Store Manager Is Caught Cheating At His Place Of Employment By Girlfriend
a manager at publix gets caught cheating at work, causing his two lovers to fight over him.

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Instant Road Rage Regret When Guy Gets Walloped By An Aluminum Bat
this road rage incident between a biker and truck driver ends violently, when the biker is beaten with a baseball bat.

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Two Softball Dads Get Into A Crazy Fight Over Their Daughters At A Game (Video)
fathers of softball players on opposing teams get into a ble at a game in maryland.

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Angry Driver Punches Motorcyclist In The Face, Immediately Regrets It (Video)
Motorist receives instant karma when he goes after biker in an apparent road rage incident.

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Troll Starts Waving The Confederate Flag At A 4th Of July Party, Gets A Beat Down
a guy is knocked out for waving and allegedly taunting a group of black people in a park on the 4th of july liday.

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Road Rage Fight Between 2 Drivers Escalates Into All-Out Street Brawl
tempers flare between two drivers and a penger quickly escalating to punches thrown.

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Video 'Shows NFL star Junior Galette beating a woman with a belt and throwing punches during 2013 fight at Spring Break'
an nfl player is allegedly involved in a wild south beach brawl in 2013.

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Nevada Police Drop Woman On Pavement With Taser (Video)
video sws a woman armed with a police baton getting dropped by a police officer from behind with a taser.

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Mother caught on camera viciously beating another woman over a mall PARKING SPACE in front of her children
a mother beats a lady in a long island parking lot after an argument over a parking space.

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