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This Toddler Defended His Grandmother From Authorities With A Huge Metal Pipe
A video went viral on Chinese social media from Thursday shows a toddler picking up a steel pipe trying to defend his grandma.

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The 2016 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video Is Here, And It's Hysterical
the newest nfl 'bad lip reading' video is here, and it is hilarious.

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A hilarious throwback jheri curl commercial, featuring the stylist "Jarrel."

The Worst Jheri Curl Commercial Ever!
A hilarious throwback jheri curl commercial, featuring the stylist "Jarrel."

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Jamie Foxx pulls a Steve Harvey at the Golden Globe Awards
Jamie Foxx throws a bit of shade at the Golden Globes before making a funny Steve Harvey jab.

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This Bouncer Wore A GoPro On New Years Eve And The Phrase Hell Is Other People Has Never Been More Applicable
a bouncer wears a gopro on new year's eve and captures all the shenanigans by the obnoxious drunks izing a bar he's working.

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Spurs mascot chases and catches loose bat ... while wearing a Batman costume
The Spurs' mascot catches a bat flying around the stadium, before a recent game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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This Carolina Panthers Grandma Hits The Dab Harder Than Cam Newton (Video)
An elderly Carolina Panther's fan does her best Cam Newton 'Dab' impression.

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Vanna White had a hilarious wardrobe malfunction on Wheel of Fortune
TV's Vanna White accidentally carries a prop on her dress while changing letters on the puzzle board in 'Wheel of Fortune.'

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Watch: Jerry Richardson Does The Dab After Panthers Clinch Third Straight NFC South Title
Carolina Panthers Owner/Founder joins the postgame celebration in the locker room after the Panthers win the NFC South.

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yo mama: is so stupid
Steelers Antonio Brown Jumping Into A Goal Post After A TD Is The Best Celebration Of The NFL Season
Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates a touchdown by leaping onto the goal post legs first, and trying to hang on.

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This Mans Driving Videos Make Him The Coolest Embarrassing Dad On The Internet
a funny dad makes hilarious videos of himself raging to rap songs, taken from inside of his car.

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Social Media Is Fascinated With 'Jeopardy' Champ's Valley Girl Uptalk (Video)
A woman from Atlanta causes a stir on social media with her interesting pronunciations on Jeopardy.

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Lions WR Golden Tate Literally Walks into End Zone for Touchdown vs. Eagles
golden tate of the detroit lions walks into the end zone for a very easy touchdown against the philadelphia eagles

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Feast Your Eyes On The Sorriest Excuse For A Gatorade Bath In The History Of Sport
football team members give one of the worst 'gatorade baths' in the history of football anywhere.

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Soccer Player Pulls Off An Insane Levitation Trick After Scoring A Goal (Video)
Soccer player Cesar Martinez makes a soccer ball appear to levitate in celebration of scoring a goal.

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