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"Don't worry, your identity is safe with us"
"Don't worry, your identity is safe with us"

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Children Hilariously Crashing A Live BBC TV Interview Is Frontrunner For Best News Blooper Of 2017
Adorable children crash a live BBC interview to bother their apologetic dad

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Trevor Noah Rips Into Angry TV Host Who Compared Black Lives Matter To KKK
Watch Trevor Noah, Tomi Lahren's Fierce Political Debate

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CNN Anchor Tearfully Shuts Down Guest Who Uses N-Word On Her Show
CNN's Brooke Baldwin rips anti-Trump guest for dropping N-word on air

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Watch This News Reporter Accidentally Draw A Penis On Live TV
during a pictionary-esque game, a news reporter draws something too phallic for television.

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I don't even know what she's saying in this picture but I can just tell it's opposed to basic human rights
I don't even know what she's saying in this picture but I can just tell it's opposed to basic human rights

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A Smiling Fox News Anchor Said A Hurricane Will Kill Everyone And Their Children
A Fox News host issued terrifying proclamations about Hurricane Matthew: You and everyone you know are dead

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Sparking Outrage: Meteorologist Claims Haiti Is Severely Deforested Because Children Eat The Trees!
Weather Channel meteorologist claims Haiti is deforested because children eat the trees

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NY Mets Player Shows His Naked Butt On Camera During Postgame Interview
during the postgame celebrations the sny cameras broadcasted a butt-naked mets player in the background

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People Are Loving This Reporter Who Yelled "Thanks A Lot, B*tch" At The Debate
a reporter at the presidential debate yelled at another woman while chasing an interview.

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'Didn't you see it coming?' Heartless moment a reporter interviews a dying man live on TV after he was hit by a truck
scking moment reporter interviews a dying man live on tv.

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News Reporter Caught On Camera Asking Co-Anchor What She Thinks About Boners
news ancr makes awkward slip on live tv news blooper.

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A Nascar reporter accidentally smacks John Cena in the face with her ponytail while ignoring his existence.
John Cena Gets Slapped in the Face by Reporter's Ponytail at Daytona 500

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Watch This News Reporter Facepalm Some Dope Who Dropped A ‘FHRITP’ Live During The Blizzard
a reporter stiff-arms a kid w utters the infamous 'fhritp' during a live news report.

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Watch This Hot Reporter Go From A 10/10 To A Shaky 4/10 By Dripping Snot From Her Nose To Mouth Live On Camera
Snot drips down the nose of a reporter during a very gross live shot.

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