Retirement Roast Jokes

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[To retiree] We wanted to immortalize you by having your likeness made into a bronze statue, but its too expensive. So we have another gift that will give you the bronze look - this tube of suntan lotion.

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[Retirement] I didnt realize just how long (Retiree) had been with the company until he was cleaning out his desk and found a stage coach ticket.

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Wife's definition of retirement: Twice as much husband on half as much pay.

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Retirement is just a nice way for the company to tell you that you're too old and that they have found more talented, youthful and skilled staff than you. Happy retirement.

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Retirement is the only thing that will make you realize how you wasted all these years trying to be mature when you can get back to being a child at the end of it all. Happy retirement.

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