Savage Slide

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Donkeys Of The Day: Watch These Ridiculous Teens Get Arrested For Jumping On People's Cars (Video)
a group of teens is chased down by police after doing the "put em in a coffin" prank on random cars.

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Watch - This Guy Buries Himself In Two Feet Of Snow For This Viral Trend (#PUTEMINACOFFIN)
a funny clip of a man participating in the viral "put em in a coffin" trend with a little help from a recent blizzard.

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Too Much? Pranksters Destroy A 7-11 And Take A Coffee Machine On Their Way Out (VIDEO)
practical jokers go too far when they annihilate a 7-11 store in chicago with the "put em' in a coffin" prank.

Ratchet,  2015 Pranks,  Prank Videos,  Prank Jokes,  

These Challenges Gettin' Outta Hand: The Savage Slide Challenge!
video of a man completing the sae slide challenge, in a small grocery store.

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