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Chances are you or someone you know loves to prank people and if you ever watched shows like Punk’d then you know there are levels to pranking someone. On the highest level seems to be if you scare prank someone. If you ever want to torture your friends and watch them have a complete and total mental breakdown, all in fun of course, then scare prank them. Maybe look through our collection of videos and get some ideas.

Here we have added the most popular and viral scare pranks from all over the Internet. We have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

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People Totally Lose It During Open House At Paranormal Activity Home (Video)
people freak out when an open use visit gets a bit 'paranormal' in this prank video promo for the new 'paranormal activity.'

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Demon Child Scare Prank!
a girl dressed up as a 'demon child' scares the crap out of strangers in secluded locations.

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Amazing Haunted House Prank Scares The Sh*t Out Of Real Estate Agents (Video)
pranksters outfit a use with special effects, and scare the living daylights out of real estate agents w come to view it.

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When someone scares you but you play it off like a boss

How to come back from being scared
When someone scares you but you play it off like a boss

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w you literally scare the  out of someone
w you literally scare the out of someone

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Scared The Life Out Of Him: Watch This Epic Scare Prank (Video)
a crazy prankster sneaks into the back of a random stranger's car, and frightens the unsuspecting driver as he enters the vehicle.

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This "Psycho Santa Claus Scare Prank" Is Going To Ruin Your Christmas
a prankster dresses as santa clause and scares people with some pretty crazy antics.

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Hilarious Snowman Halloween Prank Is Back And Better Than Ever (Video)
Prank video featuring a prankster in a scary Snowman costume, scaring unsuspecting passersby.

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Tale Of The Dead Girlfriend Prank!
a prankster in a bloody outfit leads unsuspecting people to a swing for a big surprise.

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Chainsaw massacre prank is a real scream
crazy video of a halloween prank involving a chainsaw and a prankster posing as a badly mutilated victim.

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Zombie Scarecrow Prank Scares The Living Sh*t Out Of People (Video)
video of a scary zombie scarecrow prank to help kick off the halloween season.

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Terrifying Vampire Prank Scares The Hell Out Of Unsuspecting People (Video)
Video of a vampire prank in Philadelphia, PA.

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This Eye-Popping Ouija Board Prank Is Here Just In Time For Halloween (Video)
customers are scare pranked coming in for ouija board reading

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A cute lion cub scares the crap out of a baby bear!

Scare Cam Animal Edition
A cute lion cub scares the crap out of a baby bear!

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funny scare cam clip. vine by gastation pranks 313

Scare Cam Prank
funny scare cam clip. vine by gastation pranks 313

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