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This Plane Engulfed In Flames On Runway Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again
American Airlines flight 383 blew out a tire on one of Chicago O'Hare's runways as it caught on fire

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El Chapo's Judge Was Just Gunned Down While Jogging in Broad Daylight
judge presiding over el chapo case st and killed in mexico caught on tape

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A Smiling Fox News Anchor Said A Hurricane Will Kill Everyone And Their Children
A Fox News host issued terrifying proclamations about Hurricane Matthew: You and everyone you know are dead

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Viral Response To Clown Attacks Is HILARIOUSLY Honest! See The Best #IfISeeAClown Memes!
creepy clown attacks have been freaking people for months, but are reacting to them with hilarious memes

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At Least 25 Injured In Manhattan Explosion
An explosion was heard in the Chelsea area of Manhattan Friday night, at least 25 people reported injured.

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Paris Under Attack: Over 120 Dead, 100 Held Hostage
Multiple acts of terrorism has struck the city of Paris, France, leaving at least 60 dead and 100 hostages.

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Watch: 'Ghost' Throws Furniture Around Hotel Room (Video)
viral footage appears to sw a severe case of paranormal activity.

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Charlie Charlie Challenge Is A Social Media Attempt To Summon A Mexican Demon
a viral social media challenge has netizens trying to summon a demon.

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From Ghana: Ebola is NOT REAL, the Red Cross is spreading sickness
Nana Kwame: "Ebola" as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT "Spread".

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Terrifying Clowns Stalk Small Californian Town At Night, American Horror Story-Style
article detailing w strange clowns roam around a town in california at night.

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I shot my stalker tonight: Terrified woman tells how she managed to overpower man who harassed her for six months
women sots stalker that has hared her for months and boldly kicked down her apartment door in early morning urs

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Pictured: Horrifying moment giant SNAKE slithers out of light-fitting
Article describing a homeowner's experience with a large python, that made its way into his house.

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Terrifying Video Shows Smoke-Filled Cabin During Emergency Landing
Man records a smoke-laden JetBlue aircraft as the plane prepares for an emergency landing in Texas.

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