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Friday the 13th is the date people to pull scary pranks. You will find articles, jokes and memes here with a scary prank or two that you may want to pull on someone. We have videos of pranks like a friday the 13th inspired camping prank, chucky doll prank and so much more.

The worst pranks might have to be terrifying clown pranks or maybe the zombie prank mostly because these are things that can happen but you will find videos of these and so much more in this section. The pranks being pulled here are so good you might be inspired to reenact a few or make some of your own. While you are here you can rate your favorites and share them with your friends via social media.

Watch The Creepy Girl From The Ring Crawl Out Of A Store TV And Scare The Absolute Shit Out Of Customers
Rings Prank Sends People At An Electronics Store Running!

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Okay yall I'm pranking my sis let's hope she shits her pants
Okay yall I'm pranking my sis let's hope she shits her pants

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JR26668: Let coment if it good
This Has To Be Most Brutal Killer Bunny Scare Prank
pranksters scare strangers with a ridiculously creepy costumed bunny prank just.

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Scary Flying Ghost Prank (Gone Wrong)!!
a prankster attempts to scare random strangers while riding on a foot s dressed from head to toe in gst garb.

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This Guy Uses Hologram Ghost To Play A Prank On His Girlfriend And Gets The Most Epic Response Ever
a boyfriend pranks his girlfriend in her sleep with this elaborately done 'logram gst' prank.

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People Freak The F*ck Out When A Man Splits In Half In The Elevator (Video)
a magician pranks elevator pengers by making it look like he cut himself into two pieces.

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Terrifying Ghost Subway Prank Will Make You Take A Cab Instead (Video)
a y professional subway prank in brazil features a female gst w scares the life out of pengers.

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Hilarious Zombie Prank Terrorizes Unsuspecting Women On The Train (Video)
a very well produced zombie prank scares the crap out of subway pengers in brazil.

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This Awesome Zombie Prank Is Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen Before (Video)
a zombie prank with a very coordinated and high level of production, scares the crap out of random people in the streets.

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WWE Brings Back Classic Wrestler To Scare The Crap Out Of Employees For Halloween
wwe headquarters is terrorized by boogeyman, w scares employees in elevators, meetings and more, as part of a halloween prank.

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The ‘Friday The 13th’ Prank Makes Every Aspect Of Camping Terrifying
video of a prank inspired by the movie "friday the 13th."

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This Crazy Clown Chainsaw Scare Prank Is Off-The-Scale Insane!
this is an epic halloween prank, featuring a crazy clown with a chainsaw.

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Zombies Come To Life In 'Flesh Eating Zombie Attack Prank' By The Royal Stampede, Youtube Pranksters
funny realistic prank featuring zombies that ficiously eat the flesh of humans in front of the unsuspecting public.

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(NSFW) Cringeworthy Prank Featuring A Guy Who Dislocates His Arm At Will!
a prankster in this video scares the public by making them believe he has just broken his arm.

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The Killer Clown Prank Is Back And This Time With Two Terrifying Clowns
the psyc killer clown is back and this time his uncle's here to join the party in killer clown 3 - the uncle!

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