School Fights

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Junior High School Teacher Caught On Video Allegedly Hosting Fight Club Between Students In Gym
a texas teacher is under scrutiny for allowing fighting among students on campus.

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Teenage Girl With MMA Skills Rocks Male Opponent In High School Brawl
the 44-second video has been viewed 13 million times, and involved an altercation outdoors on the campus of a california scol.

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Girl Takes A Chair To Her Classmates Head In Possibly The Most Ratchet Fight Of The Year
a pair of high scol girls violently struggle with each other after one aults the other with a chair.

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TEACHER and seventh-grade student caught on camera in violent fight - and it was the adult who threw the first punch!
detroit middle scol teacher fights 7th grade student in cl.

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Four Police Officers Injured Trying To Break Up A Huge High School Brawl (Video)
police try to break up a wild brawl and get injured before arresting three students.

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Teen Body-Slams Principal Following Student Fight (Video)
A school principal is slammed to the ground by a student during a school brawl in California.

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VIDEO: Student stands up for blind classmate, levels bully with one punch (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
a bully is knocked out instantly when a brave clmate hits the student for bullying a blind teen.

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Screw you Jake...

Lmao bruhhh jake has no chill
Screw you Jake...

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jcfbv: rgerg
Bully Picks Fight By Throwing 3 Punches, Immediately Gets KO’d After Other Kid Stands Up And Beats Him Into The Floor
a bully loses a cl room fight that he instigated in a matter of seconds.

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Watch: video shows teacher ending a classroom brawl with his belt
a clroom brawl ends abruptly when a teacher decides to intervene with his belt.

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Bully Gets Smashed In The Face With A Bottle By Smaller Kid
a kid smashes an alleged bully in the face with a bottle.

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Kid Gets Jumped By 4 Bullies In School Bathroom, More Than Holds His Own
a teenager lds his own in a scol bathroom after being challenged to fight by four other teens at the same time.

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One More Bully Down: Yet another fool thinks "taller" means "tougher."
Bully Refuses To Leave Smaller Kid Alone Despite Numerous Warnings, Kid Knocks Bully To Oblivion
a guy beats up a bully in sp cl after numerous warnings to back off.

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Watch: Substitute Teacher, Student Square Off (Video)
a subsute teacher fights a female student in cl when she refuses to leave.

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Mob of girls punch, kick, stomp one another at White Station High School
a crazy all out brawl in a memphis high scol captures the attention of the nation.

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