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seeing sister lucy at the rave...

When you see Sister Lucy from Sunday Mass at a rave
seeing sister lucy at the rave...

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Sucking in that stomach.

What girls do when they're around a really skinny girl..
Sucking in that stomach.

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Brazilian Girls Play Twister, Which We're Gonna Call a Sport (Video)
a group of very beautiful brazilian women play twister.

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twerk dat  vine compilation.

Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk dat ass!
twerk dat vine compilation.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Casually Surrounded By 10 Twerking Girls (Video)
floyd mayweather posts a video to instagram, with a mulude of women twerking around him.

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Boob Twerking Is Now A Thing And This Woman Has Perfected It (Video)
Odd video of a woman twerking her boobs to classical music.

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The Definitive Jennifer Lopez Booty Compilation
compilation video of jennifer lopez and her infamous backside

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This "Sexy Maid" Prank Makes The Patients So Embarrassed (NSFW)
this comical prank involving a sexy maid, hilariously wows patients at a local doctor's office.

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The 18 Most ASStounding Moments From Nicki Minajs New Anaconda Music Video
nicki minaj released her anaconda video, the video is everything you may have ped, and then some. here are the crucial moments:

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Couple Arrested After Sex On The Beach, Police Say
A Bradenton, FL couple were looking for love in all the wrong places, having an intimate tryst on a public beach.

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Nicole Scherzinger Twerking Is One Of The Hottest Things You Will See This Week
She goes in HARD... This woman is 36 years old and kills it!

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