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It used to be that you had to seek out shocking news on certain websites, but nowadays most of the news is shocking. You have children being killed by the very people that are meant to protect them, random acts of violence and unexplainable crimes of passion. Things that you once thought only happened in movies are happening everyday in real life.

Here we have added the most shocking news from all over the Internet. We have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

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Donald Trump Gets Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service In Reno After Attendees Sign Is Reportedly Mistaken For A Gun
Secret Service agents rushed Donald trump off stage after they perceived someone in the audience was a threat

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Trump Caught Making Vulgar Sexual Remarks (Video)
republican candidate donald tp's lewd comments about women are leaked after 2005 t mic interview.

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Protesters clash with police in Charlotte after fatal shooting of black man
Protesters in South Carolina take to the streets following the shooting death of an unarmed Black man, Keith Lamont Scott.

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Marching Band Makes Controversial Joke About Baylors Sexual Assault Scandal
a scandal sparked by allegations of women getting sexually aulted by football players was used as ammo to take a st at baylor

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Shocking footage of Johnny Depp in furious clash with Amber Heard as he says: "I'll show you crazy"
the llywood star was secretly filmed ranting in his kitchen by his estranged wife in footage now leaked.

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About 50 People Killed and 53 more injured In Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Florida
the gunman took stages at pulse nightclub in orlando before he was killed by police.

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This Dude Drank A Jar Full Of Live Fish, Frogs And Tadpoles Because YOLO
man gulps down a jarful of live fish, frogs and tadpoles in sick stunt.

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Man Pours Boiling Water Over Coworker's Head Because He Took His GF's Half-Eaten Hot Dog (VIDEO)
a man throws boiling t water over a coworker's head because of an alleged t dog theft.

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Suspect is arrested after Facebook video appears to show him dangling dog by its NECK over a second-floor railing
a disturbing facebook video of a shirtless man dangling a dog over a balcony railing has resulted in an arrest.

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“Many Dead And Many Injured” In Brussels Terror Attacks
the city of brussels is in lockdown tuesday following deadly attacks at the airport and at a subway station.

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Woman Waves Goodbye Moments Before Explosion (Video)
cctv cameras capture a woman's last precious moments before being blown away by a suicide bomber.

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It Takes These Brazen Thieves Just Seconds to Install an Invisible Card Skimmer
Watch as three men distract the store clerk and place card (reader) skimmer on ATM machine

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Watch A Fedora-Wearing Donald Trump Supporter Sucker Punch A Protestor In The Head
a tp supporter sucker punches a protester in the face at a donald tp rally in nc.

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McDonald's Worker Falls Into Bucket Of Hot Oil (Video)
a fast food workers falls into a bucket of t grease while walking in the kitchen of a mcdonald's restaurant.

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Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks Family's Pet Doberman In A Fight For The Ages
a mountain lion and doberman fight outside of a family's me in california.

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