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Unreal And Frightening Videos Of People Escaping Vast, Historic Wildfires In Gatlinburg, Tennessee Look Like A Disaster Movie
A historic wildfire has annihilated everything in its path of destruction in Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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Heartbreaking Video Shows Soccer Team Celebrating Days Before Plane Crash
Days before the Chapecoense soccer team boarded a plane that crashed & claimed thie lives, they posted video celebrating winning

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Teens Twitter Gets Banned After 'Whiteface' Skit About Trumps Win Goes Viral
A 19-year-old had her Twitter account suspended after uploading a racist video in response to Donald Trump winning the election

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'Hail Trump!' White Nationalists Salute the President Elect
Video of an alt-right conference in Washington, D.C., where Trumps victory was met with cheers and Nazi salutes.

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Teacher Calls Black Students N-Word, Says They'll 'Get Shot' In Shocking Video
teacher goes off on her students calling them the n-word!

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Middle Schoolers Chant Build The Wall In Disturbing Video After Trump Wins
An alarming video was shared showing a group of middle school students chanting "build the wall" in their cafeteria.

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Standing Rock Activist Captures The Moment Police Shoot Her In Intense Video

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Dude DESTROYS A Man For Touching His Sister In An Alley And Then He Pulverized His Brother
a man exacts revenge on two brothers w allegedly aulted his sister.

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FACTORY TRAGEDY: Horrific moment factory worker is crushed to death after she slipped and fell under forklift
woman tries to pull forklift back down as it tips over in accident inside wareuse in eastern chinese city of taizu

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Hero Passenger Beats Down Guy Who 'Touched' Teen Girl On Bus In Viral Video
a man tried to inappropriately touch a 15-year-old girl on a bus but was stopped by a hero

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Bullies Film Horrific Viral Video Of Their Attack On 15-Year-Old Girl
5 teenagers have been charged after a video of a vicious attack went viral

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Commuters smash window to escape smoke-filled Boston subway train
Dozens of commuters were forced to smashed windows to flee a smoke-filled subway train during the evening rush hour in Boston

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Murder Suspect Posts Frightening Facebook Live Videos While Running From Police
an oklama man w is wanted for murder posted two videos on facebook live while on the run from police.

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El Chapo's Judge Was Just Gunned Down While Jogging in Broad Daylight
judge presiding over el chapo case st and killed in mexico caught on tape

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Upsetting Video Shows Dad Leaving 5-Year-Old Daughter Outside To Freeze
Distressing footage shows the moment a father left his daughter outside a college campus at 5 am in near freezing conditions


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