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More Than 50 Dead and at Least 400 Injured in Las Vegas Concert Shooting, the Deadliest in US History
At least 50 people are dead and more than 400 people are injured after a man opened fire in Las Vegas from the 32nd floor

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Everything We Know So Far About The Shooting At Fort Lauderdale Airport And The Shooter Esteban Santiago
Shooter at Ft. Lauderdale airport claimed the lives of at least five and injured at least 13 more

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INSANE Video Shows Ride-Along Go Horrifically Wrong As Perps Shoot Up Police Cruiser During High-Speed Pursuit
police officer and penger on ride-along come under barrage of gunfire in central california

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Video Captures Insane Gun Battle As Woman Blasts Three Armed Home Invaders
A young woman defends her home as she opens fire on three intruders.

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Shooting At Munich Shopping Mall Leaves As Many As 15 Dead, Shuts Down City As Gunmen Still At Large (VIDEO)
9 people are dead after a gunman opens fire at a munich mall.

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Watch the Harrowing Snapchat Video a Victim Purportedly Posted During Deadly Orlando Shooting
Crazy video shows gunfire heard in the background at Pulse Nightclub in a victim's last moments.

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Airline Passenger Captures Terrifying Video As Gunshots Ring Out At Dallas Airport
disturbing footage of a suspect being st by police outside of a dallas airport is captured by a perby.

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Chicago Man Shot Multiple Times While Live-Streaming On Facebook
the man, w has not been officially identified, was taken to a spital and as of thursday night was undergoing treatment.

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Video Shows Moment Three Men With AK-47s Stormed Into A Dublin Boxing Weigh-In And Opened Fire: Two Injured, One Dead
footage sws a deadly soting occurring at a recent boxing weigh-in, in dublin, ireland.

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Woman posts live video of herself after being shot in Opa-Locka Burger King Drive-Thru
woman posts video after being st multiple times in florida.

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Watch A Texas Police Officer Make An Incredible Headshot On Hostage-Taking Robber (Video)
a police officer in irving, texas st a robber in the head as the criminal held a woman stage on friday.

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Dude Gets Shot in the Chest, Smokes Cigarette During Live TV Interview Right After
A man does a casual interview in front of his house, shortly after being shot in the chest at the same location.

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Minnesota Cop Shoots Unarmed Motorcyclist, Blames 'Muscle Memory' (Video)
minnesota cop accidentally sots fleeing motorcycle driver.

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Curiously dedicated traffic cop shot at, continues writing ticket
a criminal tries to sot a police officer w already has someone else pulled over for a traffic violation.

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Real-time takedown: Helmet cam shows blasts and gunshots in Blockbuster-Style El Chapo police raid
mexican autrities release the violent tape of drug kingpin el chapo's most recent arrest.

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