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This Crazy Electric Bait Bike Prank Will Spark Fear In Thieves' Hearts
pranksters bait thieves in to steal a bike that they have rigged with an electric-sck mechanism.

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Partake of the whimsy that is DJ Khaled driving a motorized shopping cart
DJ Khaled rides a motorized shopping cart at Snapchat's California headquarters.

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 When you'd rather break your arms than make two trips on grocery day!

I will die before I make 2 trips
When you'd rather break your arms than make two trips on grocery day!

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Lakers rookie Larry Nance Jr. scores amazing tip-in ... on his own basket
Larry Nance Jr accidentally scores a basket on the wrong goal during a recent game against the Clippers.

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Kid Throws Tantrum When He Gets 'WWE 2K15' Instead of 'WWE 2K16' for Christmas
A child throws a tantrum after getting the wrong video game on Christmas.

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VIDEO: Woman tries to back flip into a bunker, faceplants instead
Golfer woman fails miserably when attempting to back-flip into bunker.

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Crazy Social Experiment Reveals How Fast Strangers Will Help A Lying BF
random strangers help a lying boyfriend with his alibi about the night before in this hilarious prank.

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Ohio State Buckeyes Terrorize Players with Trash Can Prank
Football players for Ohio State are pranked in their locker room by a prankster hiding in a trash can.

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ESPN's Michael Smith swore on live television and his reaction was priceless
espn st michael smith accidentally says a curse word and has a funny reaction to doing so.

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if a bully ever s with my child, i'll kick his  myself.

This is how I would react if some bully ever fucks with my kid
if a bully ever s with my child, i'll kick his myself.

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Kendrick Perkins commits the worst travel in NBA history
Kendrick Perkins gets away with an unbelievable 9-step travel against the Miami Heat.

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Watch This Guy Freak The Hell Out While Riding On A Slingshot Roller Coaster
A guy from Malaysia has a major freak out while riding the infamous 'Slingshot' roller coaster.

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The slow motion video of a pug jumping into a log is all you need in life
A hilarious slow motion video shows a cute pug failing miserably while jumping over a log.

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WATCH: Man Opens a Beer With his Butt Cheeks
a man hilariously opens an alcolic beverage using his butt.

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(NICE) Guy Delivers An Epic Ninja Kick To An Arcade Punching Machine
A guy goes hard at a video arcade punch machine, with a glorious spinning kick.

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