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Bob Newhart's 'Bus Driver Training' skit from his Button Down Comedy stand-up show.

Bob Newhart - Bus Driver Training
Bob Newhart's 'Bus Driver Training' skit from his Button Down Comedy stand-up show.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick Goes Nuts for a Second in Postgame Interview, Asks If It's Live
While conducting a postgame interview, New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is jumped by a teammate and responds in kind.

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Video: Fan celebrates McGregor win by climbing lion, running from security
A Conor McGregor fan gets arrested for celebrating the fighters win by getting on top of the MGM Grand lion.

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yo mama: is so stupid
Steelers Antonio Brown Jumping Into A Goal Post After A TD Is The Best Celebration Of The NFL Season
Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates a touchdown by leaping onto the goal post legs first, and trying to hang on.

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How to Lose a Court Case in 26 Seconds --Quickest Judge Judy Case Ever!
A defendant on Judge Judy loses in less than 30 seconds after making an incriminating statement.

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BUSTED: Here’s A Video Of A Walmart Employee Caught Jerking Off At Work
a walmart employee gets caught masturbating while on the job.

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Student Hilariously Records Professors Identical Entrance Every Day (Video)
A student compiles the hilarious footage of his professor's habitual class entrance routine.

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A College Marching Band Apologized For Seemingly Forming Their Rivals Mascot Eating A D*ck
a scol's marching band makes a formation that very closely resembles a .


This Kid Getting WHACKED By a Swinging Door Is The Funniest Video In The World
a small child is hit in the face by a swingning door in this addictive clip.

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Watch This PRICELESS Reaction To A Weatherman Learning What N.W.A. Stood For [VIDEO]
A weatherman gives the definition of what he thinks N.W.A means and his co-newscaster breaks out in laughter.

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Man prepares to deadlift, gets knocked unconscious by his hype man instead
A spotter accidentally knocks out his weightlifting partner in this short comedy clip.

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Guy Uses Horrible Pick-Up Lines He Read On Tinder To Try To Get Dates (Video)
a prankster uses pick up lines from tinder to approach unsuspecting strangers and receives hilarious reactions.

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Guy tries backflip catch off a house, fails spectacularly
This man's attempt at a crazy football catch doesn't end as planned.

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Las night was crazy

When Green Ranger gets all the love
Las night was crazy

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This Bear And Human Both Scare The Sh*t Out Of Each Other And It’s Hilarious
A short clip shows the funny reactions of a human and bear when they run into each other by chance.

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