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On this page, you will find short funny videos about things like dinosaurs in the hood, thriller flash mob at a baseball game, pranksters at a rave and someone smoking a blunt and completely losing it on a subway train. One of the funniest videos just might be watching game show host Pat Sajak rapping the lyrics to 'No Type' by the rap duo Rae Sremmurd. You will find videos like these and some even funnier in this section.

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Guy Flawlessly Films Fight While Calmly Ordering Taco Bell
a man films a fight outside of a taco bell with his cell pne while simultaneously giving his order in the drive thru.

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Dude Gets Tinder Dates ‘High’ Vaping Weed But There’s A BIG Catch…
a prankster pretends to get his tinder dates high, to see w they will react

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Man Gets Out Of A Traffic Ticket By Telling The Police Officer He Was Distracted By A "Fat A**"
a guy talks his way out of a traffic ticket by telling the police officer he was distracted by a big butt.

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Tom Izzo gets the bear hug of his life from a fired-up Matt Costello
Matt Costello lifts up his coach Tom Izzo in celebration after a win against Maryland.

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Watch Don Lemon Comment On Kathy Griffin's Rack On New Year's Eve
don lemon makes controversial comments about kathy griffin's breast, while partying on new year's eve in front of cnn cameras.

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Clay Matthews Offers to Help Carson Palmer Up, Fakes Him Out and Pulls Hand Away
Linebacker Clay Matthews pulls an absolute jerk move - tricks quarterback Carson Palmer by faking an offer to help him up.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick Goes Nuts for a Second in Postgame Interview, Asks If It's Live
While conducting a postgame interview, New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is jumped by a teammate and responds in kind.

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This Guy's Reaction To Patti LaBelle's Pie Is Priceless
a youtuber reacts hilariously when he tries patti labelle's sweet potato pie.

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Mississippi State cheerleader taunts Kentucky football player (Video)
A cheerleader for Miss. State taunts a Kentucky player when he is pushed out of bounds.

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Prankster Has People Try To Lift Thors Hammer And They Completely Fail (Video)
A Youtuber watches random pedestrians fail at picking up a Thor hammer that only he can pick up by fingerprint scan.

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A local TV reporter dropped his microphone right into a tuba
News reporter accidentally drops a microphone down a student's instrument during a live report at a pep rally..

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Watch A Model Take A Dramatic Fall During A Huge Show At New York Fashion Week
Candice Swanepoel takes a dramatic fall at Givenchy.

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Steph Curry Hits 'Whip' and 'Nae Nae,' Says Riley Taught Him
Golden State point guard Stephen Curry performs the 'Whip/Nae Nae' dance at a recent event.

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Student Hilariously Records Professors Identical Entrance Every Day (Video)
A student compiles the hilarious footage of his professor's habitual class entrance routine.

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Guy Casually Breaks Down Into Splits Throughout All Of New York City (Video)
A Vine star pranks unsuspecting strangers by busting out into full splits in the streets of NYC.

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