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The only news story I'm interested in
The only news story I'm interested in

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The 'Andys Coming' Challenge Is The Internet's Newest, Most Painful Trend
The new 'Toy Story' themed challenge is taking over the internet

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Fly that lands on Hillary Clinton at debate starts internet buzzing
Numerous parody Twitter accounts fly into action after an insect makes itself at home on one candidate's face during the second pr

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People Are Loving This Reporter Who Yelled "Thanks A Lot, B*tch" At The Debate
a reporter at the presidential debate yelled at another woman while chasing an interview.

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Cincinnati Zoo Deletes Social Media Accounts Under Barrage Of Harambe Memes
After a barrage of Harambe memes and attention related the the late gorilla, the Cincinnati Zoo deletes their social media.

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Justin Timberlake Got Smacked In The Face At A Golf Tournament And Someone Managed To Capture It On Video
A Justin Timberlake fan is arrested for slapping the neck of the singer at a celebrity golf tournament.

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Massive crowd begins stampeding after spotting rare Pokemon in Central Park
Hundreds of Pokemon players rush Central Park in New York City to try and catch a rare Pokemon.

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LAPD Officers Complete the Viral ‘Running Man’ Dance Challenge, Video Shows
Los Angeles police officers make a funny 'Running Man Challenge' video showing off their dancing skills (or lack thereof).

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Serena Williams Ate Gourmet Dog Food and Instantly Regretted It
Serena Williams' Snapchat story shows her eating her dog's food.

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A Bunch Of People Got Hurt On Christmas Riding Their New Hoverboards
Hoverboard injuries surge, as the newly popular technology is gifted practically everywhere for the 2015 Christmas holiday.

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Playboy Model Sues Magazine For Gnarly Bruise Sustained From Golf Tee In Butt Stunt Gone Awry (VIDEO)
a playboy model sues for being bruised for a silly golf stunt that took place at a playboy golf event in california.

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Guy who got stuck in a car wash is having a worse day than you
The hilarious moment when a Car Wash manager gets stuck in a spinning automatic car wash.

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Bonehead Medics Drop Injured Greek Soccer Player Off Stretcher When Carrying Him Off The Field, Twice
Greek stretcher bearer drops injured player and then falls on top of him.

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Canes Players Confront FSU Kicker Roberto Aguayo Because He Was Practicing On Their Side Of The Field
A group of Miami football players confront a kicker for practicing on the wrong side of the field during pre-game warmups.

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Bank-Robbing Couple Busted After Posting Selfies On Facebook With Stolen Money
a couple allegedly robs a bank is caught by uploading selfies with the money to facebook.

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